My how the mighty have fallen


It seems like just yesterday Chris Weidman was a sacrificial lamb sent to Silva for another epic beating. A can. A nobody. An inexperienced kid who had no business even fighting for the title. A very small percentage of the mma population knew Silva's time had come. Weidman was the greatest fighter Silva had ever faced.

Weidman is better than Hendo, Sonnen, Belfort, Maia, all 3 shit lightheavyweights Silva was fed, and every other no-name can he beat up prior to fighting in the UFC.


But back to mania. The cries of how Weidman would be exposed and how Silva was going to destroy yet another nameless opponent. Weidman can't be any more successful than Hendo or Chael were. It's not possible. If Hendo couldn't knock him out and Chael couldn't beat him on the ground, how could Weidman ever find success. An enigma of a fighter with 8 fights.

To go along with Chris' lack of skill and inexperience, he was also a proven moron. Only a complete idiot would refuse to sign a new deal before fighting the GOAT. By Weidman's arrogance at not signing a new deal before the fight, he would surely ruin his money-making potential.

It's nice to see everyone taking this on the chin though. Unambig is so distraught he has been reduced to a mindless troll that the summerbreakers could only dream of becoming. It's okay big guy. We love you and we will help you get through this.


QuickJab, your sig is as follows: "I will never question Plainview's wisdom again. Anderson Silva went out like an asshole. Having been run out of my previous shithole by the landlord for lack of payment, I will burrow myself a new home in jdmahurin's mother's cunt. It's rent-free but infested with the crusty-cum of every truck driver west of the Mississippi."


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