Weidman defeats Silva. With the help of...himself

Fix was in? Anderson wanted to lose? Jones Jr. mere presence was mad mojo for the Spider?



How about none of the above? And how about giving Weidman credit where credit is due? Wediman did an incredible job yesterday and he deserves his props! HE never once lost focus even as Silva tried his darnest to mess with his mental game (kissing at weigh ins, taunting then hugging and kissing at end of round, over-exaggerrated mocking during the fight etc etc.) and it looked like to me that Wediman was in Silva's head instead, because he knew or could prolly sense how desperate Andy's taunts were. Sure Andy made a foolish mistake keeping his hands low and being off balance while trying to bob and weave but how many time have we not see a Anderson do that in previous fights? If anything that's one of the reason he has been able to pull off such crazy stuff in the octagon. Let me put it this way; if Andy would have evaded all those shots by Weidman and then hit Chris right on the jaw with a flying knee or some other matrix/kung fu move would we be calling his gameplan "foolish" and "amateurish"? Cuz seems to me that's what he has made a career of doing. Except he had a guy that wasn't intimated and kept throwing this time around.

Silva looked awkward after Weidman failed to backed down at the weigh ins, and the way Wediman controlled and won round one as well made Silva even more nervous as I saw it, his taunting clearly becoming more pronounced as a look of discomfort came about him.

This weird pre-fight interview with Silva just confirmed to me that Silva was really doubting himself. The way his voice cracked as he said, "I'm scared"...stuck out to me as genuine despite the fact that he wanted it to appear as if he was just joking. Also when a lot of top fighters are high on a guy it's with good reason. Why else would GSP of all people, who doesn't have a history of giving predictions for fights, much less calling for a finish, be so confident in one? Why else would Machida not give a prediction for a fight one of his best buddies and close training partners is involved in?

And here is the real meat of this post, coincidentally not a word is mine ( suck it :P). A commenter dropped this gem in one of the live threads yesterday

Weidman proved himself to be the better fighter tonight. This was not some sort of fluke where Anderson “beat himself” or whatever. After Weidman blew the doors of Munoz I knew he was in the gulf that separated Anderson from the rest of the MWs, but I didn’t know where he was in that gulf. It turned out he was as good(or a bit better since he knocked him out). Jack Slack even called out a weakness of Anderson’s that Chris exploited(stole this from Sherdog): In MMA, this should be easier than in boxing because almost all MMA fighters attack by alternating their hands—left-right-left or vice versa.

Boxers often double or even triple up the same hand mid-combination, which makes it difficult for the defender to turn side to side as Silva does. Very few opponents have doubled up punches from one hand against Silva. I am not saying that doubling up would allow a fighter to knock Silva out—there isn’t a simple answer to an iron chin. However, there is a reason why elite boxers rarely roll with every punch as effectively as Silva does; boxers are not as predictable and one-note in their offence.
The backhand and hook went in the same direction. Anderson swerved to avoid the backhand and ran directly into the hook behind it. Anderson didn’t lose this fight, Chris Weidman beat him. His gameplan was great, he didn’t allow himself to be rattled, and he exploited a flaw in Anderson’s game. Its not like Anderson never acted like this before. He’s doing it to set up his counters and have Chris chase him. So taking anything away from Chris in this situation is cheap and unfair. Weidman fought his fight and Anderson fought his and Weidman won. Just because it is shocking it ended like that doesn’t change that.

Cheers, and embrace a new era in the MW division! ;)

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