Well, what the fuck.

Who the fuck predicted that? Shut the fuck up, none of you did. Lets recap, and hit this thing from all angles.

Now, before we dive in, let me start by saying that I haven't had a chance to re-watch the fight and am going off of my initial impression/emotions.

Round 1: Weidman got Anderson down pretty early, no biggie. Weidman never passes guard, instead working in half and being pulled back into full. He got half again and dropped back for the ankle. It looked like he had the heel hook for a second but Anderson spun out, and got back to his feet. From here on out it is all Anderson. Hands down, eating Chris' punches, and easily stifling any attempts at grappling from the title challenger. The round ended with Anderson evading shots in the matrix and he seemed to get into Weidmans head.

Round 2: We're right back in the matrix, and Anderson is in his element. He's dipping and ducking again, and even manages to shuck off a takedown attempt from Weidman. At this point, its safe to assume that its only a matter of time until Anderson lands something big. Suddenly, Weidman landed a light jab that the champ mocked by faking a dazed look while continuing to avoid shots. Anderson dips to his right, directly into a lead left and he goes down. A few more to seal the deal and that's the ballgame.

Let me begin by giving props to Weidman and addressing all the things he did right, because it will only get worse after that. Early on, Weidman did exactly what he was supposed to. He did a good job of landing some hard shots on the ground, easily harder than anything Chael ever landed. And on the feet, he was landing shots, even if that's exactly what Anderson wanted. Many thought he was playing with fire on the feet with Anderson, but he stayed tight, and never overcommitted. Instead, he threw punches in his range, got out of range when Anderson fired his own, and was able to clip Anderson right when he's at his most dangerous. A great display of skill, toughness, and determination from the extraordinary,young champ.

Now for the ugly.

WARNING: I am a hardcore Silva fan, and I will not apologize for it. I am butthurt over this loss, sue me. Oh yeah, and fuck off.

Anderson, WHAT THE FUCK? Everyone knows that when you're going to drop your hands and rely on movement, you're supposed to throw counters. Has he not seen his own instructional dvd's for MMA? He fought like a damn fool tonight, and it's because Hercules couldn't have thrown that fight any further. That's right. You don't drop both hands, beg your opponent to hit you (or shoot for a takedown, DO ANYTHING) with no response unless you're giving the fight away. Why did he throw the fight? Who the hell knows, but my guess is so that Dana can have a blockbuster rematch in Brazil at the end of the year. If Anderson would have taken this seriously, and floored Chris in 1, where would Anderson go from there? ..... Keep thinking, I'll wait..... That's right, there's no one. The King of MMA just lined himself up for another HUGE payday and a chance to dominate the kid he handed his belt to. FUCK THE HATERS. EVERYBODY DO THE WOOLY WOOLY

And to show that I'm a good sport:


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