Complacency Gets the Best of Anderson Silva



Can you image how it must feel when you are referred to as the greatest mixed martial artist "EVER" several times throughout the day from media, fans, your peers and even your boss?

Here's a better question how would that affect you, your behavior and self concept?

As a former Anderson Silva critic, it was sad to see his head get bounced off the canvas as he was literally shut down in dramatic fashion. After digesting what took place tonight it seems clear, what played a large role in tonight’s loss (other than age). Complacency & Pressure. Winning was second nature to Mr. Silva and became as easy as breathing for him. When you shatter all noteworthy records, what is there left to do......make it even more exciting and do it, in even more convincing fashion.....................that’s a tall order

With each title defense Silva was getting way to comfortable playing with fire by willingly absorbing shots to fascinate the crowd, attempting to put on a show that no one has ever seen. And until you get burned you are going to keep pushing the envelope. Why not, after all he’s the best and has done it so many times before, with complete success. when you pull out a hail Mary submission victory, fighting with an injury, against an opponent who's testosterone levels are unhuman.... that must give you a false sense of invincibility, and understandably so.

Now let’s consider this. When Roy Jones Jr and other high profile athletes & stars are becoming more intrigued while tuning in to see what the Incredible Anderson does next. On top of that you have the whole MMA world watching intently. That can lead to near impossible self imposed expectations and standards. Sure, Roy Jones attended other Silva bouts like when he made Forrest Griffin look like a journeyman. But Silva, who admittedly looked up to RJ, may have felt like he had to put on a superhero like performance. And how is that even possible, when you’re facing a young hungry professional mixed martial artist who has the skills to beat any MW on any night? By taking extreme risks (the nothing can hurt me approach) and hoping it works out like it has the last several years. He couldn’t just win, he had to win bigger, better, and more impressive than before.

Is Weidman the better fighter, not even close...but he was victorious on July 6.

When a younger hungrier non-complacent Anderson Silva was trying to become a UFC champion he stuck strictly to the hurt business and when he had an opportunity he capitalized. Fast forward to tonight when he had similar opportunities to send Chris Weidman to an ear, nose and throat specialist with devastating knees, he passed. When he had other opportunities to light Chris up with his unmatched speed and skill striking, he passed and felt it necessary to be a showman instead of the phenomenal fighter he is.

Who knows maybe this is the best thing for Anderson at this point in his career. All the pressure is gone; he doesn’t need to keep the streak for wins and title defenses going any longer. Now he can get back to the basics of destroying his opponents. If weidman-silva II happens which I’m sure it will Weidman is in for a rude awakening from the dream that being MW champion offers.

And if it’s not Chris Weidman, who ever faces Anderson Silva next, may want to review their health insurance coverage

After tonight, Anderson Silva is still > "any fighters name here"

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