World Series of Fighting 4 media conference call LIVE updates today (July 31) for 'Spong vs DeAnda'

Pictured: Tyrone Spong - Photo via Glory will be on hand in advance of today's scheduled World Series of Fighting 4 conference call which will feature top kickboxing standout Tyrone Spong and more. Check below for all the highlights.

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) will hold a special media conference call today (July 31, 2013) in advance of next week's (Aug. 10) World Series of Fighting 4: "Spong vs. DeAnda" event, which will take place in Ontario, California.

The conference call will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m. ET. Scheduled to attend will be headlining fighters Tyrone Spong, and Angel well as main card fighters Ray Sefo, Dave Huckaba, Nick Newell and Keon Caldwell.

Spong is one of the best kickboxers on the planet, recently knocking out former multiple K-1 Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky at heavyweight and then dropping down to win the Glory light heavyweight Grand Prix. He made a successful MMA debut against Travis Bartlet but is ready for a tougher challenge in DeAnda.

DeAnda has made a name for himself on the California circuit, going toe to toe with a wide variety of tough opponents while trying to stand out. "The Dream" recently took out former Strikeforce title challenger Anthony Ruiz in perhaps his best performance yet and he was one of the few willing to step into the cage opposite Spong and his credentials.

Sefo stepped down as the promoter of WSOF for one last fight. A former standout kickboxer in K-1, he's hoping to get the bad taste out of his mouth from his last MMA fight against Valentijn Overeem. Huckaba is a scrapper and loves to knock people out. The "Bad Man" has won nine of his last 10 fights and is hoping to impress in his most high profile bout yet.

Last but not least, Nick Newell, the infamous one-armed fighter. He left XFC and signed with WSOF as a free agent, hoping a few solid victories could propel him to his UFC dream. Standing in his way is Caldwell, a talented 9-1 fighter in his own right, although he has not competed in exactly two years.

Brian Hemminger here. The conference call begins at 2 p.m. ET.

2:10 p.m. - We're getting started

Dave Huckaba: I feel people don't give me the respect that's due to me. To fight a legend like Ray Sefo is really exciting. My camp went really great. It was the first with no injuries and that's where I'm at.

Ray Sefo: I know who he is and he's definitely a force to be reckoned with. His record speaks for itself. Come fight night, I know we're gonna put on a good show. I thank all you guys for letting me be a part of this.

Keon Caldwell: I appreciate World Series for giving me the opportunity to come back. I spent two years away and my training camp has been good. I'm back and ready right now. I think Nick and I will put on a good show. We've never had 4th of July twice in the same year, but August 10th will have some fireworks.

Nick Newell: I'm super excited for the opportunity to fight on such a big show and a big network. Everyone is paying attention. The stakes are high and the challenge is great. I can't wait to go out there and have fun and do my thing.

Angel DeAnda: Thanks to World Series for putting me on the card. its' the biggest fight of my career on the world stage. I'm trying to make my name so it's two hungry MMA fighters trying to get to the top. What better place to push yourself than World Series of Fighting?

Tyrone Spong: Angel seems like a guy that really wants to bring it and give the fans what they expect, a hard and exciting fight. I'm looking forward to August 10th, to put on a great show together with Angel. We're two hungry guys.

Tyrone Spong: That was then, I don't look in the past. I'm very grateful and happy with the win there. I'm looking forward and ahead of me is Angel in an MMA fight. I'm training with some of the best guys in MMA so I'm very satisfied with my camp and how training has been going. I'm in good shape. I didn't take too much time off and I'm just ready and I want to give the fans what they want.

Tyrone Spong: You never know, it's MMA. Anything can happen. You gotta be prepared for everything. I'm not really focusing on just striking or just the ground or whatever. I'm ready for a fight.

Angel DeAnda: I'm really excited to fight such a great opponent like Spong.

Ray Sefo: I never retired from the game. I've won six titles in six different weight divisions. I was in the martial arts hall of fame in 2010 and 2011. About four weeks ago, I contacted one of my coaches in New Zealand and found out I'm at 100 fights right now. This fight with Huckaba is my 101st. I'm 99.9 percent that this is my last fight. I have a great team in the office.

Tyrone Spong: I'm fully down here in Florida. I live here now full-time. This is my home base. It's my camp and I trained with the Blackzilians the whole time.

Ray Sefo: The California Athletic Commission will publish the purses of this card.

Tyrone Spong: I do the whole jiu-jitsu and wrestling, everything. In order to be successful, you can't just focus on one thing. This is a fight game, MMA, I think you've got to spread it around.

Dave Huckaba: I'm known on the local level but not on the big level. To fight somebody at Ray's level, to go in there and put on a 15 minute battle with him puts me on a different level. If I go in there and me and Ray put it down like I'm expecting, it makes my value go up a lot more. I work a construction job eight hours a day. World Series was taking care of me to let me out of this eight hour a day job. The win purse is the biggest purse I've ever had in my career.

Ray Sefo: It hasn't been hard at all. I have a great and amazing team and they're very capable. I'm a phone call away if anything happens. It allows me to put the last 8-9 weeks into the camp. I'm really blessed that way. I'm really looking forward to training.

Nick Newell: It's a great opportunity. I can't wait to make the most of it. The higher the stakes, the bigger the fight, the better I fight. I'm excited to lay it all on the line and put on an exciting show.

Keon Caldwell: I'm just gonna do my thing. I've been out for two years, but I've been on the grind and didn't take any days off. Just training and staying on the grind for these eight weeks. This whole card is going to be exciting.

Nick Newell: He's won with his striking and he has good power. He's finished fights on the ground as well. I'm expecting everything. He comes down from 170 so he's used to fighting bigger guys. It's a tough fight. It's a bigger challenge. I train with bigger guys all the time. I had a phenomenal camp and I'm coming into my own as a mixed martial artist and I feel like it's my time right now.

Keon Caldwell: This is my second time on the national level, but that was two years ago. I left that behind, stepped away and got myself together. I let everyone know who I am. I was putting in 60 hours a week in a lumberyard and want something better.

Ray Sefo: Huckaba was supposed to be the co-main event of the last show. I wasn't gonna take David off the main card when he was supposed to be the co-main event of the last show. I'm just filling in that spot for Rolles Gracie. It looks like he'll be fighting in September.

Dave Huckaba: From what I understand, it's all respect. As far as punching my boss in the face, it's nothing at all. I'm a performer. We want to leave our mark. We want to show everyone and we want to prove to people how hard we work. I think it's great people think you get to punch your boss in the face but at the end of the day he's a kickboxing legend.

That's a wrap folks, thanks for stopping by!

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