UFC 162 Co-main event breakdown Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira



Ufc 162 is this saturday evening and with all the talk regarding Anderson silva vs Chris Weidman, everyone seems to have forgotten that ... well Frankie Edgar is in the co main event fighting the Jiu Jitsu virtuoso Charles Oliveira who has looked really impressive since his drop down to featherweight. Apart from his last bout where he got caught by Cub Swanson. The fight with Cub Swanson, however was not a detriment to his fighting ability but more so the really bad weight cut which caused him to miss weight and subsequently exhausted himself trying to cut the weight. I can only imagine how draining the weight cut must of been really bad which caused such a lacklustre and underwhelming performance. The weight cut must of been something similar to the Gabe Ruediger weight cut on the ultimate fighter 5. I believe that the fight would of went a lot differently had everything gone well during the weight cutting process. Frankie Edgar on the other hand, well he has looked really impressive in his own right for a guy who has lost three fights in a row but in all fairness those losses are as significant as Chael Sonnen's losses to Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. Many believed that Frankie Edgar won 2 of the three fights if not all three; i personally thought Frankie Edgar won the second Bendo Fight but the first fight was won by Bendo mainly due to the leg kicks thrown by Bendo, the Aldo fight was kinda close but i scored it 3 rounds to 2 for Aldo so in my eyes Frankie Edgar should really be the lightweight champion and have a 1-2 record in his last three fights losing a champion vs champion superfight with Jose Aldo. Now with all that being said lets proceed to the fighter breakdown.

Frankie Edgar:

Key factors that will get Edgar the win in this fight will be ...

Wrestling - Frankie Edgar is a NCAA Division I Wrestling All-American and so his wrestling is at a very high level. He has consistently used his high level wrestling to dictate where the fight goes; whether he wants to keep the fight standing or take it to the ground if he feels he has a distinct advantage there. However, in this fight i believe Frankie will be looking to utilize his takedown defense to keep the fight on the feet because Charles Oliveira poses a big threat with his submission game. Oliveira is very creative with his submissions achieving all his UFC wins by implementing a plethora of submissions from anaconda chokes to rear naked chokes and achieving a unique feat by making his opponent submit via a calf slicer submission. I believe that Frankie Edgar will have studied tape and he'll be smart enough to avoid taking the fight to the ground as this would be taking an unnecessary risk in a fight which is do or die for him at this stage after three back to back loses.

TDD - As i mentioned above, Frankie will look to use his wrestling to defend any type of take down from Oliveira to avoid engaging in a grappling exchange. In this fight the takedown defense of Frankie Edgar will be paramount to winning this fight.

BJJ (Submission defense to be more precise) - Frankie Edgar is a brown belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and trains under Renzo Gracie who is a very high level and respected jiu jitsu practitioner; i am sure that Renzo has made the submission defense aspect of the discipline the focus in this camp and has watched a lot of tape again on Oliveira's submissions and how he likes to set up the submissions. In this fight Frankie needs to be able to defend submissions and also anticipate submissions using his knowledge gained from watching tape on Oliveira and watching how he likes to set up submissions from half guard, full guard and many other positions as he is a very creative submission specialist.

Striking - Frankie Edgar, training under coach Mark Henry has refined his striking skills and has garnered him recognition in mma as one of the smoothest boxers around. He mixes his strikes with take down attempts in order to keep his opponents guessing. When a opponent thinks Edgar is gonna take him down, he'll switch it up in a split second with a overhand right as evidenced below ....



The feints will prove key if Frankie Edgar is intent on finishing Oliveira by way of TKO or KO

Charles Oliveira:

Key factors that will get Oliveira the win in this fight will be ...

Wrestling (single legs, double legs, clinch takedowns) - The wrestling of Oliveira will be paramount in this fight as he tries to take the fight to the ground. Oliveira is not a better wrestler than Frankie Edgar; but he does have a very good clinch takedown. Oliveira can drag the fight to the ground using just sheer force and will as shown below ...



Oliveira, does not really have to take this fight to the ground to submit Frankie as he can go for a variety of submissions such as: standing rear naked chokes or standing guillotine chokes. This is not very likely however as Frankie Edgar has very good footwork and can avoid the standing submission attempts a lot easier than he can when he's on the ground with Oliveira. On the ground Oliveira has a significant advantage over Edgar because he has the far better BJJ game.

Offensive BJJ (Standing submissions?) - Oliveira's biggest advantage in this fight is his slick submission game. If Oliveira can drag this fight to the canvas i believe he has a very big chance of winning this fight. His previous submissions evidence the vast knowledge he has when it comes to BJJ and his repertoire of submissions is impressive making him a very unpredictable fighter when it comes to his ground game. His calf slicer submission win over Eric Wisely is a perfect example of what i am talking about ...





The Guillotine choke ...



Striking (Leg kicks, body kicks, body punches etc.) - Charles Oliveira is a Muay Thai striker who uses his striking to compliment his BJJ game as he gets his opponent to take him down in order to avoid being hurt on the feet as evidenced again by another gif ...



Oliveira is a fast and explosive striker who like to mix it up on the feet with punches leg kicks, flying knees, spinning back fists and many other types of strikes.

Overall fight predictions ....

I'm gonna go ahead and predict the upset win for Oliveira and as much as i'm a big fan of Frankie Edgar; he's on a 3 fight losing streak and after fighting such elite fighters like Ben Henderson and Jose Aldo, i believe he will be seeing Charles Oliveira as a easy tune-up fight and this will cause complacency and he will get caught in a submission ... maybe a guillotine choke in the second round; this is my prediction anyway.

What do you guys think will happen this Saturday night in the co-main event between Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira?

Enter your prediction into the poll below and leave a comment on how you think this fight will go down.

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