Tyrone Spong would drop everything (WSOF, Kickboxing, etc.) for UFC contract if 'money is right'


Show me the money! Tyrone Spong would leave his illustrious kickboxing career behind, as well as future boxing aspirations, if UFC came knocking on his door with a lucrative contract offer he could not refuse.

One of the most feared strikers in all of combat sports, Tyrone Spong, may eventually find his way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon.

If the money is right, of course.

The longtime kickboxer and budding mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter recently revealed he wants to add boxing to his already busy fight schedule, eying a fight inside the squared circle later this year fresh of his impressive winning performances in the Glory 9 kickboxing tournament just last month.

And while he likes the freelancing option to dabble in various forms of fisticuffs, Spong would be willing to give it all up and focus strictly on MMA if it meant getting an exclusive -- and lucrative -- contract to compete under the bright UFC lights.

He explained on a recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"It depends. People forget we're prize fighters so that means we got to earn money to provide for our family, loved ones and for ourselves with everything that we need. So, of course it's also about the money. So, it all depends on what kind of offer. I know the UFC is exclusive so it's going to be only UFC for me, so, if the money is right, why not?"

UFC has always prohibited its fighters from competing for other promotions or events while under contract sans a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament or something similar. Therefore, if Spong -- or any other fighter wants a contract with the world's leading MMA promotion -- he will have to kick his other fighting passions to the side.

While "King of the Ring" only has one MMA fight under his belt -- a win over Travis Bartlett under the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) banner, the place Spong currently calls home -- the Dutch striker has proven he is a legitimate threat who can cause painful problems for any Light Heavyweight thanks to his bevy of fight experience and scary power.

For the record, Spong declared that he is "comfortable" with WSOF and doesn't plan a change of scenery anytime soon. However, it's safe to say his stock (and bank account) will rise a bit faster in the MMA world under the Zuffa umbrella thanks to the marketing muscle the promotion can deliver.

In the meantime, Spong will be back in action on Aug. 10, 2013, taking on Angel DeAnda at WSOF 4.

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