Michael Bisping says he would 'definitely take care of Dan Henderson' in UFC rematch

Copyright: Martin McNeil

Maybe he means "take care of" ... like pick up his bar tab?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Michael Bisping is a fighter.

And like most fighters, losses don't go over very well, especially when they achieve immortality on the Internet. Remember when former PRIDE and Strikeforce Champion Dan Henderson airmailed "The Count" back across the pond at UFC 100 in July of 2009?

So does he.

That's one of a handful of rematches Bisping hopes to earn over the next few years. Apparently, the former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) winner (and eventual coach) has already figured out what went wrong, and is confident he would "take care" of "Hendo" if they did ever the deed for a second time.

His words to Steph Daniels:

"I would love to rematch all the guys that have a victory over me. Chael is one of them, Rashad, Henderson, Vitor ... I'd love to fight them all. I'd love to get another crack. After every loss I've gone back to the drawing board, so to speak, figured out what went wrong, and I've come back as a better fighter. Dan Henderson? I know I'd definitely take care of him. Chael? I beat him the first time, but I'd make it even more unanimous in the second. Vitor? I was doing very well until I got caught with a head kick, so I've adjusted for that as well. I believe I could beat everyone that has beaten me up until now. They beat me on the night, so fair play to them, but I would love a rematch with any of those guys."

I'm sure that wouldn't be a hard sell for Henderson, either.

Since going limp at the hands of "Hendo," the brash Brit has been busy as a beaver, competing 10 times over the past four years and going a solid 7-3. Unfortunately, every time he manages to build some momentum and insert himself into the 185-pound title picture, he comes up short.

His losses to Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort, like the one to Henderson, kept him from then-division champion Anderson Silva, who was more than willing to accept Bisping into a championship contest (proof).

Maybe "The Count" can tangle with "The Spider" on the rebound, since the Brazilian knows a thing or two about historical knockouts.

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