Dana White Scrum

The media scrum following each and every Ultimate Fighting Championship event has become the unofficial Dana White press conference. Last night's scrum was no different, a bunch of juicy tidbits came out of the thirty minute "shoot" style interview.

Right off the bat Dana addressed the issue of fighter pay. He simplified it to the amount of money fighters get is what they earn, "Go out there and make a name for yourself. Shoot for that bonus. I didn't even know Trevor Smith's name yesterday, I do now." He is referring to fighters looking to get rid of the bonuses who don't put forth the effort required to receive them.

Dana was visibly upset about the lack of a fight Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald put forth. "Tonight was an important night that everyone was excited for, Jake Ellenberger just sat in front of me and said that he wasn't himself tonight. So if I am Rory I go out there and show the world how much better I am. He should be making people scream for him and GSP fighting. You want more money? Go out there and f*cking get it."

Even Lorenzo Ferttita thought the fight sucked "I just got a text from Lorenzo saying the fight was terrible." Dana continued to rant about how fights like this are no good for FOX, no good for pay per view and no good for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. "People don't tolerate that shit anymore, if they are going to stay home and pay to watch a fight, you better f*cking fight. I put this fight right there with Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson. Stunk the arena out."

A reporter brought up Nick Diaz as someone who possibly could get a better fight out of someone like Ellenberger or MacDonald. "I talked to Nick Diaz, we didn't talk about a fight. Nick Diaz isn't an easy read. The last night we spoke he told me he is going to slap the sh*t out of Ariel Helwani." He says any rumors about Nick Diaz are from his manager Gracie and are probably lies.

The topic of Tito Ortiz and his recent statements regarding possibly returning to Mixed Martial Arts, Dana shut down the idea of a UFC return but wouldn't blame Tito for going and fighting elsewhere. "Who gives a sh*t about Tito Ortiz? He has lost every fight he has been in since Ryan Bader. Who wants to see that?" He continued on this topic by blaming Viacom for all the "stupid" decisions being made by Bellator. He said the doors have been opened for washed up veterans who have no business fighting continuing to fight.

He also touched on the rumor of Quentin "Rampage" Jackson entering the ring to fight Roy Jones Jr, "No one wants watch them on free TV. If they want to get into the PPV business good luck boys, you're going to lose some real money. They are grabbing for whatever they can get. The big problem Bellator has is they are just copying, their reality show is a rip-off of The Voice and TUF. Phillipe Daumond believes he built the UFC. I love sticking it to him. I love talking about him. His ego is going to want to keep Bellator going."

Dana is paying attention to Bellatoer and what they are trying to do but he believes Viacom and the man who runs the company are the huge roadblock.

White was asked about a few other upcoming storylines, first about what is next for Vitor Belfort and his contender status. White says he needs to fight who they offer him, namely Tim Kennedy before getting to the title. "Vitor for some insane reason believes he deserves the fight with Chris Weidman or Anderson Silva now."

The woman's bantamweight division was brought up and Dana immediately used the question as an opportunity to touch of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter "Episode one and two are done, they are both awesome. Going to be an awesome season." This conversation of course led to the rampant rumors of Chris "Cyborg" making the leap to the UFC, Dana shut it down "I haven't spoke to anyone in Cyborg's camp at all. She needs some new representation. We also have no plans to expand the woman's division at this point, we must focus on making all the women currently here the household name that Rhonda Rousey is."

With the event tying the UFC record for most ever split decisions Dana White spoke about how bad the judging situation in MMA is as he does every scrum. "The judges were terrible I was honestly wondering if someone was f*cking with us about all the split decisions. I had someone go look and see who was winning the Carmouche vs. Andrade fight to see what was going on in their minds but they had Andrade winning the first round. Insane."

A reporter asked about rule changes and Dana quickly said the athletic commission's need to fix the core issues at hand. "First things first, let's get the judging, reffing cleaned up."

The final question posed was the recent release of names that have been linked to steroid/testosterone use in South Flortida and the fact there are MMA fighters names on the list. Dana claimed he hadn't heard much of this and asked reporters for information -- which they did't have themselves. He ended the scrum and question by saying "If a guy under contract with me came out on the list it's not going to be pretty. Athletic commissions are not doing me any favors, they want to nail all my big name guys."

Do you stand with Dana White on these issues?

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