Michael Bisping: 'I've got better stand up' than Chris Weidman, 'easier' match up than Anderson Silva

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Michael Bisping has been awaiting a Middleweight title shot so long he has become delirious.

But, no seriously, in a recent interview with Gareth A. Davies after UFC 162, which took place earlier this month (July 6, 2013), Bisping declared he had better stand up than the current 185-pound champion, Chris Weidman. In addition, he claimed that "All American" would be an "easier" match up than the man he recently dethroned, Anderson Silva.

"I'm better on my feet -- for me you could say in some ways he's a better match up for me than Anderson Silva -- I don't mind saying that," Bisping claimed. "I think his style plays in to my hands. I'd like to fight him. Many times wrestlers that want to take me down have problems with me -- I'm good at getting back to my feet, I've got good takedown defence and I've certainly got a better stand up than Weidman and I'd certainly be able to fight off his submissions, that's for sure.

"So, yeah, if I was to fight one of those two for the belt Weidman would be easier but listen whoever the champ, that's who I want to fight," he continued.

I cannot argue this point based on results, but history says given the opportunity Bisping would fail in his pursuit of the title.

He also told me personally at the UFC Fan Expo he believed Anderson Silva was going to beat Weidman. Something he says the complete opposite of in his interview with Davies. But, who's keeping track of unfounded statements in the MMA world, right?

I am. This is because Bisping is following in the footsteps of Chael Sonnen, speaking out about whom he thinks he deserves to be fighting when in reality his results don't speak for themselves.

The thing I do question is where Bisping does fit in to the whole middleweight title picture?

Weidman and Silva are going to do their thing, the rematch is set for five months from now at UFC 168. And unless Weidman disposes of Silva in spectacular fashion again, there is absolutely no reason to believe there won't be a trilogy of fights between the two men. Throw in a name like Vitor Belfort -- who beat Bisping and Luke Rockhold -- then the No. 1 contender waters become even more muddied.

I haven't even mentioned Mark Munoz yet, who "The Count" is expected to fight next in Manchester, England, on Oct. 26, 2013 (details here).

Silva entered the cage at UFC 162 the all-time leader in percentage of significant strikes landed (67.8), knockdowns (17), consecutive wins (16), consecutive title defenses (10) and victories in championship bouts (11).

There is no doubt in my mind Bisping has a better pedigree on his feet than Weidman, but he also hasn't knocked the aforementioned Silva out in the fashion Weidman already has. This goes a long way in assessing the chances each have in defeating Silva, given the chance, which I place very low with what has transpired since Fourth of July weekend.

But, what about Weidman?

Fans who witnessed UFC 162 already are aware Weidman is as good as everyone hyped him to be. While it is a shame some of the "super" fights (we all want to see) didn't occur yet between Silva and a "Who's Who" of fighters, Weidman being champion is a reality, one I don't see going away for some time.

Weidman's ground game is where the disparity would be shown in a match up against Bisping. I don't see any way Bisping could ward off a shooting Weidman regardless of his claims. His defense against the take down is top notch, but Weidman is of a different of wrestler who would surely take the 34-year-old to the limit.

What Bisping really should be doing is preparing for the newly invigorated Munoz who warrants all the attention given post UFC 162 bout against Tim Boetsch. Looking past Munoz -- who poses a very real threat to Bisping -- will add to the list of things preventing Bisping from ever receiving the middleweight title shot for which he pines.

"I've been around a long time and people might say 'get over it, it's not going to happen,' but I think the fact I've been so close for so long is testament to my character and testament to my drive and my will and my want to get that," Bisping told Davies. "I've been around since 2005 in the UFC and I'm still at the top of my game, I'm only getting better so it's still very real."

When all is said and done, Bisping has the ability to earn a title shot. Will he? Maybe, but if it does happen it won't matter whether it is against Silva or Weidman, he will be a heavy under dog regardless of which styles he thinks is "easier." In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to see Bisping end up the same way he did against Dan Henderson or the aforementioned Belfort, which is finished.

If Munoz -- or another dangerous opponent -- doesn't get to him first.

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