Chris Weidman trainer: Older Anderson Silva can't comeback from 'that type of knockout' at UFC 168

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

After dominating UFC's middleweight division for seven years, Anderson Silva isn’t going to bounce back and relive his legendary glory days because of his crushing knockout loss to Chris Weidman, according to “All American” trainer Ray Longo.

Anderson Silva will have the chance to regain his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight strap sooner rather than later when he collides with Chris Weidman in a must-see rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"All American" knocked "The Spider" out cold at UFC 162 earlier this month, sending shockwaves throughout the mixed martial arts (MMA) community. And, according to Ray Longo -- Weidman's trainer -- the second go-round won't be much better for the deadly Brazilian striker.

That's due in-part because his student is simply that good.

Speaking to Shameless Radio, Longo predicted Silva will be in for another "bad night" in "Sin City" because just like aging prized pugilists of the past, he just doesn't see the former 185-pound kingpin coming back after the devastating loss.

In addition to the advancing age of "The Spider," 38, his star pupil is confident more than ever heading into the rematch.

He explains:

"This guy (Silva) had a highlight reel that would scare the crap out of anybody. Now, knowing that he (Weidman) can knock this guy out -- you've seen it in boxing a hundred times, guys don't come back from that type of knockout. On top of that, the guy is 40 or 39 or whatever he is. I don't see it. I think Weidman is going to go in more confident than he was in the first fight. He knows what to expect with all the mugging and all the antics. I think it is really going to be a bad night for Anderson Silva again."

Indeed, Weidman proved to the fight world that Silva is human after all, but whether or not he is able to offer up a repeat performance is the real question.

The 38-year old Silva is adamant he's back, but according to Chael Sonnen, as talented and as skilled as he is, he just doesn't have what it takes to measure up to someone who is younger and stronger than him such as Weidman.

It's a sentiment Longo obviously shares. Do you?

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