Maniacs' Conversations: Share your Favorite Non-English Music



Good music should not just be in English.

In this week's Maniacs' conversations, ( I intend to make it regular, if you don't mind) let us all get out of that Jonnyboy6969 conflict mood and relax a bit while waiting for the next UFC event this coming Saturday. This week, let us all converse and share the various music that we love but let's veer away from the English language.

Get what I mean? There were already multiple fan posts asking for your opinion on your favorite English songs so let's veer away from that.

Let me begin:


Fedor Emelianenko's entrance song. In fact, this song should be retitled - the Last Emperor Song as whenever most MMA fans hear it, only Fedor's images come into mind. Now whether his dominant run in Pride FC comes to mind or his losses pst-Pride comes to your mind, it's up to you.


Antonio " Rodrigo" Noguiera, arguably the second best HW fighter in the Pride era used this in Pride and in UFC 73, as far as I can remember, and it strikes out a pump of energy whenever I hear it. It's Japanese rap I think mixed with English. Each time I listen to this song while jogging, I remember Noguiera's arm bars of Zuluzinho, Cro Cop and the other fighters that have been handling him early in the fight.

3) LOS MANDADOS - Vicente Fernandez

Cain Velasquez's entrance song! I don't know for some reason bu this song pumps me up and I want to flex my muscles and run while listening to it. Obviously, it is Mexican but the energy and the amount of live music and upbeat tunes made it a good song for me.

4) NUMERO UNO - Sans Pression

Yes, I know French Canadians can't rap shit, although they can wrap someone for 25 minutes. This one, I think was used by GSP for UFC 83 in Montreal when he wants to terrorize the shit out of Matt Serra. I don't understand the lyrics but it seemed to me that the message is that I am number one and no one can't stop me. Now I hope we get to see the user of this song to finally put a STOP to someone.

5) MATADOR - Los Fabulosos Cadillac

I am not sure if it's Diego Sanchez who used this one but come on man, the beat, the lively voice and the energy that this song packs is unparalleled.

Now please take the floor and share your personal favorites.


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