Nick Diaz another no-show, flakes on taping 'The Voice Versus' with Michael Schiavello

In what should be a surprise to almost no one at this point, erstwhile Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Nick Diaz recently bailed on filming a conversation of "The Voice Versus," popular interview series on AXS TV, with host Michael Schiavello.

Michael Schiavello is among the more iconic announcers in mixed martial arts (MMA). In fact, next to Joe Rogan of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), "The Voice" is probably the most well-known "voices" in the sport today.

His interview series on AXS TV (formerly HDNet) has been a hit with hardcore fans, attracting many of the biggest names and personalities in combat sports and entertainment to the show, including Dana White, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Alistair Overeem, Hulk Hogan, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wanderlei Silva, Badr Hari and many more.

Nick Diaz was scheduled to be on the show. And par for the course, Diaz didn't show up.

Schiavello shared his frustration via

Schiavello continued to lay it on thick (via

"It is disappointing and unprofessional and would have been the best int of Nick's life."

We have, of course, seen this sad story before.

Indeed, just add this latest flake to the list of his charity Brazilian jiu-jitsu match against Braulio Estima (more here), his bailing on the UFC 137 pre-fight interviews that cost him his title shot against Georges St. Pierre (more here) and the missed flights that delayed taping of the UFC 158 "Countdown" series (more here).

While we're at it, he also didn't show up to his own WAR MMA promotion last month (June 22, 2013); however his reasoning for that is, "he didn't want to detract from the fighters by being the center of attention".

Take that for what it's worth.

Late edit: I was incorrect about Nick not showing up at his WAR show, as was demonstrated in this video from MMA Fighting and pointed out in the comments section. My apologies

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