Joe "Diesel" Riggs: Behind The Scenes At 'Fight Master' Is Disgusting

Christian Petersen

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight and middleweight fighter Joe Riggs speaks about how the production on Spike's Fight Master series is focusing on the positives and not on the "disgusting," stupid stuff that accompanies most mixed martial arts (MMA) reality shows.

In a recent interview with Radio, one-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title-contender Joe Riggs spoke at length about some of the shenanigans that have gone on behind the scenes of Bellator MMA and Spike TV's reality mixed martial arts (MMA) television series, Fight Master.

And man, are there some disgusting things that happens when you mix testosterone and cloistered individuals.

"It was probably the fourth or fifth week, and they brought a camera in my room; and I knew the producers were watching downstairs, and they were going to put this on TV. So I go and pull my pants down and start slapping my balls against the camera so they could see it. That's just me like a monkey just trying to relieve some tension by rubbing my balls [on the camera]."

I mean... wow.

And that's not the worst.

"I'd come from cutting weight, and I take my shorts off --my underwear off-- and they're all stained with sh*t, probably, and whatever, and I threw them in Tim Walsh's face. It was a perfect shot to the lips. And he peels them off his face, and he wheels them at me, and it hits the camera guy right in the lips. And he went down, talking about throwing up, because they were like saturated with sweat, piss and sh*t. I was cutting weight, so I was sitting there like pissing myself."

I confess to not having watched the series so far, but the fact that this didn't make the air gives me some hope that perhaps we've moved away from the drunken stupidity that involves semen and sushi, "LET ME BANG, BRO!" and various other no-brow garbage that plagues reality TV.

"I thought it was really cool, and also, they don't really pay attention to the drunkenness of the show. There are guys that didn't continue on the show, they paid attention to the guys that were still in the show. Because the guys falling around drunk, they're kind of making a [mockery] of the sport, you know."

Honestly, good on the producers at Spike TV, Viacom, Bellator MMA and anyone else involved for taking the high road.

Hearing that makes me want to actually give this show a chance now.

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