Why no hespect for Andehson ?!?!?!?

It's Saturday Night, the crowd are entering the arena; the broadcast for UFC 162 is underway. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg kick of the show ... introduce the first set of fights (prelims) and switch to the promo before proceeding to talk about how they think Weidman will beat Silva, "will it be a KO/TKO, Submission or UD or a Split" asks Mike Goldberg with Joe Rogan responding with the customary "Well, ya know i think Weidman has the skill set to beat silva on the ground, i think Silva will be fearing the takedown and this will prove the equaliser in the standup and Weidman will either win by TKO/KO" (AS IF THE LAST 16 FIGHTS OF SILVA'S CAREER WHERE AGAINST CANS). Meanwhile Anderson Silva is in his changing room watching the broadcast and turns to Ed Soares and says "Oh fuck this i've already lost"


Anderson Silva crying after losing a fight (via brucespringtoon)

Anderson walking out of the locker room crying is displayed on the megatron and the entire audience is left shocked and think oh wow "Weidman is the real deal; he just made the greatest of all time cry and decide to go home!" Minutes later ... Anderson Silva walks back into the arena and says to Ed Soares "I no serious. me no scare... he no my levol ... only clone my level, he say he beat me give me rematch. i say NO! he no hespect me! I say "AYU BREAK YU FACE AYU BREAK YU FACE AYU BREAK YU FACE !!!"

2 and a half hours later ..... Bruce Buffer: "IT'SSS TIIIIIIIIIMMMME FOOR THEE MAIIIIIIIIN EVENT OF THE EVENING" ... Herb Dean "I want a clean fair fight; shake hands or touch gloves and go back to your corner" Anderson Silva looks at Herb Dean and then Weidman and then Herb Dean and says to Herb Dean "he no hespect me i no touch glove" and then to Weidman "AYU BREAK YU FACE !!!! AYU BREAK YU FACE!!!!!" both fighters jog back to their corner and Herb Dean shouts "Fight"

1st Round:

Anderson comes forward aggressively ... lets Weidman take him down and then holds him in half guard for 4 minutes before attempting a quick triangle choke submission... locks it in and then lets go after holding it in place without applying too much pressure for the remainder of the round. Weidman is now confused and doesn't know what is going on. Anderson Silva goes back to his corner and says "i knock him out now" and his corner featuring Bigfoot silva, Werdum, Big Nog and a plethora of brazilians smile and nod acknowledgingly sensing the end is nigh for Weidman. The corner cam switches to Weidmans corner and Johnny Hendricks appears to be shouting "THIS SHOULD OF BEEN MY TITLE FIGHT!!!! YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS FIGHT!!! YOU'VE BEEN INJURED FOR A YEAR IM THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD !!!!!" and then Weidman ignores him and manages to maintain his focus on the task at hand as Johnny Hendricks is dragged out of the arena by security as he's swinging his left hand wildly at them as they repeat "We have decent chins ... who do u think we are john "glass chin" fitch come on your delusional"

2nd round:

As the crazy break between the rounds ends the two fighters leave their corners to begin the second round. Anderson comes out defensive; wary of Weidman's wrestling pedigree. Weidman begins to believe in his ability to stand and trade with Anderson as he believes that he is scared of the takedown. As Weidman comes forward swinging and switching for a quick double leg; Anderson connects with a vicious knee to the temple and rocks Weidman causing him to stumble back several paces. Anderson is now in control and is dancing around the cage with his hands down moving forward ... ready to end the fight. Weidman swings aggressively realising this is his last opportunity to win the fight. As he is swinging Anderson enters the Matrix and dodges all the punches like Morpheus, before ending Weidman's night with a one two precise combo to the chin and back of the ear which sends Weidman falling to the canvas lifelessly out cold just as the referee comes in to stop the fight. And Mike Goldberg shouts "IIIIITTTS ALLLL OVERR !!! JUST LIKE THAT!"



After the fight: Everyone says "oh ... well its Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman is a overhyped average fighter so its not surprising"

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