What is MMA?

Upon reading the title of this post, I'm certain a fair number of you thinking "Oh, here comes an ultra newbie. Let me educate him/her about the world’s greatest sport". For those that clicked with that intention, I appreciate the gesture however I titled it as I did for a different reason.

Having been a fan of this sport since its dawn, I’ve come to realize that although regulated cage fighting has become mainstream; knowing what MMA stands for is likely a sign that the person you’re talking to spends the same amount of time on MMAMANIA.COM as we do. Meaning, they’re most likely HUGE fans. It the ultimate litmus test in trying to identify our kind. Go ahead, try it out and test the theory. Next time you’re making small talk with someone you don’t know all that well, find a way to reference the term “MMA”. My bet is that your subject will have one of two reactions. The first being a furrowing of the brow followed by “What is MMA?”. After having explained it, my bet is that they will then respond with: “Oh. You mean ultimate fighting!”

The second possible reaction being a quick double eyebrow raise, eyes widening followed by something like: “Did you see the twister that the Korean Zombie caught Leonard Garcia with”? Or “I prefer the mustached version of Steve Mazzagatti” Followed then by what could be an hour(s) long conversation reminiscing past and immanent fights. All I know is that those that know what MMA stands for…seem to really know MMA.

This is how I sometimes answer the question when asked “What is MMA?”: It’s the sport that I look forward to most, think about most and am depressed most about when there are gaps between shows any greater than 2 weeks.

Some other ways you know you’re a super fan.

1.You know who Keith Kizer is

2.You know what a 12 – 6 elbow is

3.You own a Pride t-shirt (guilty)

* Feel free to ad to this list with your responses

I’m just so very glad we have MMA.


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