Chael Sonnen: Anderson Silva didn’t throw Chris Weidman fight like Mike Tyson’s opponents used to do

Jeff Bottari

Chris Weidman “beat up” Anderson Silva once before, and he’s going to do it again, according to Chael Sonnen, who also says "The Spider" didn't throw the fight at UFC 162, much like Mike Tyson's opponents used to do.

If you think Chris Weidman's upset victory over former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva at UFC 162 was a fluke, then tune in for the rematch because "All American" is going to squish "The Spider" one more time.

That's according to none other than former two-time No. 1 middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, who says that despite the popular belief that Silva only lost due to his "clowning around," the fact of the matter is, he would have received a beatdown whether he was taking the fight serious or not.


Sonnen says there is no way the former 185-pound kingpin is going to beat a 28 year-old "All American" wrestler and no matter how hard he tries, the Brazilian bomber will never be like Weidman.

Furthermore, Sonnen joins UFC President Dana White in dispelling any claims that Silva threw the fight against Weidman.

He broke it down on the "Toucher and Rich" show (via 98.5 The Sports Hub):

"Here's what you gotta understand, he got knocked out cold. You don't throw a fight by getting knocked out cold. You do what the guys did against Mike Tyson, you just pretend you're knocked out cold. You stay down until the ref says 10 and then you pop back up to your feet and act like, ‘Where am I?' Here's the deal, he could of either fought serious and got beat up or clowned around and got beat up. But if he clowns around, he could also go, ‘Oh, I was just clowning around.' So, they're going to rematch and he's going to get beat up again. This is not me speaking out against Anderson Silva, he's excellent and he's had an amazing career, but he's no Chris Weidman and he's never going to be."

Granted, Sonnen and Silva haven't had the best relationship over the past few years, with "The American Gangster" throwing Silva under the bus any chance he could; however, Sonnen is adamant he's not going out of his way to badmouth his bitter rival, he's just speaking the truth.

Preach on!

While many have made the "excuse" that Weidman only shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) world thanks to Silva's inappropriate behavior inside the cage, Sonnen says it was bound to happen whether the Brazilian striker was on his A-game or doing his best impression of "Bozo The Clown."

Nevertheless, both men will have the opportunity to prove themselves once again on Dec. 28, 2013 at UFC 168, as they tango for the second time in the span of five months.

Chael doesn't see it going any differently than their first encounter, do you?

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