'Fight Master' Episode 3 results recap for Bellator MMA reality show on Spike TV

Photo via Spike TV

Check out MMAmania.com for all the latest updates on tonight's third episode of 'Fight Master' on Spike TV.

Episode three of Bellator's new mixed martial arts (MMA) reality show "Fight Master" hits the airwaves tonight (Weds., July 10, 2013) on Spike TV, featuring four coaches in Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren.

MMAmania.com will be here live tonight to cover the final fights to get onto the show as five bouts are expected to take place and the coaches finally finish off their respective rosters.

If you're expecting a knockoff of UFC and Spike's original brain child, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), think again.

A group of 32 welterweights will be whittled down to 16 competitors, and that's when things get interesting. The twist is that each winning fighter will then have an opportunity to "choose their destiny" by interviewing and ultimately selecting one of the panel of four coaches to be their mentor for the upcoming season.

Each coach will have four fighters to specifically focus on through the course of the show, and from their history, you can expect some healthy competition. The coaches will also eventually seed all 16 fighters who advance and the top seed will get a chance to choose their destiny by having control of their next fight.

Only five of the 16 fights to get in the house took place in the debut episode, so expect something similar tonight as more fights take place to officially get onto the series and more fighters whittle their options and choose their destiny.

Fighters confirmed thus far:

Team Jackson

Tim Welch
Eric Bradley
Bryan Travers
Joe Riggs

Team Warren

Eric Scallon
Evan Cutts
Jason Norwood
Ismael Gonzalez

Team Shamrock

Nick Barnes
Chris Lozano
Mike Dubois

Team Couture

A.J. Matthews
Cole Williams
Cristiano Souza
Mike Bronzoulis


Round of 16 Fight #12: Ismael Gonzalez vs. Marcus Aurelio

Gonzalez discusses his background as a police officer and Aurelio brings up immigrating to Canada and learning capoueira from his father, who was a martial arts master.

Aurelio is a master of the Brazilian dance striking art of capoeira and he is winging kicks all over the place. He continues throwing the same spinning wheel kick over and over and Gonzalez times it beautifully with a nasty side kick square in the liver and Aurelio is done. That was impressive.

Joe Warren tells Ismael Gonzalez that he's the best wrestler in the world and Gonzalez chooses Warren's Rinosport team. Warren is the first to fill out his entire team.

Round of 16 Fight #13: Andy Uhrich vs. Dom O'Grady

O'Grady opens with some big punches, nailing Uhrich square on the temple and he opens up a cut. Uhrich responds with a takedown along the fence and he passes to half guard, dropping some elbows. O'Grady scrambles but Uhrich takes top position again and is working for an arm trianglebut instead takes O'Grady's back. He beats on O'Grady from superior position until the end of the round, but that cut is pretty bad.

Both men trade on the feet early in the second round and O'Grady drops him with a hgue right hand, swarming with a flurry of strikes but uhrich regains his senses and clinches. O'Grady responds with an attempted Kimura but Uhrich escapes the position although his cut is busted open again. Uhrich postures up and drops some punches. He stays on top until the end of the round.

Andy Ulrich wins via decision but the cut is too bad and he receives a medical suspension, unable to participate on the show.

Round of 16 Fight #14: Artenas Young vs Bryan Travers

Big right hand from Young to get things started and he's doing a good job of mixing up his punches to the head and body. Big flurry from Young and Travers shoots for a takedown but is fended off along the fence. Young's pace is starting to slow down but he still connects with a left hook. Young reverses a clinch attempt and slams a few knees into Travers' legs before creating separation. Another good right hand from Young and they sloppily exchange on the inside.

Young is noticeably slowed at the start of the second round and Travers turns it up a notch, landing to the body and changing levels. Travers walks through some of Young's punches and initiates a clinch but Young reverses him and now he's working for a takedown himself, hunched over along the fence. Travers fends him off and works for a takedown in the clinch along the fence but can't secure it.

Young has no pep in his step at the start of the third round and Travers is just winging punches working to get inside and try to get a takedown. Travers scores with short uppercuts on the inside. Travers is just beating Young up in the clinch with short punches, constant pressure and knees on the inside. The ref breaks them up and deducts a point from Young for grabbing Travers' glove. Travers wings some leg kicks and a big body kick and his conditioning is pulling him through. Travers secures inside position in the clinch and beats on Young for the rest of the round.

Bryan Travers wins via decision and chooses JacksonMMA

Round of 16 Fight #15: Gareth Joseph vs Mike Bronzoulis

Joseph works for a takedown early, pushing Bronzoulis into the fence but he can't secure it and Bronzoulis reverses the position. Bronzoulis has inside position now and both men are jockeying for position along the cage. Bronzoulis steps back and drops Joseph briefly with a huge right hand and lands a flurry of punches but can't get the finish. Joseph clinches and takes Bronzoulis down, landing a flurry of strikes as Bronzoulis gets back to his feet. Joseph tries for another takedown but Bronzoulis reverses him and takes top position.

Joseph presses forward aggressively but Bronzoulis uses excellent balance to fend off the takedown. Joseph drags him to the canvas, tying up his legs but Bronzoulis cagewalks back to his feet and reverses his position taking the inside clinch. Bronzoulis scores with some knees to the thigh and Joseph haphazardly attacks with a takedown but nearly gives up his back. Joseph is starting to slow down and Bronzoulis has inside position again, scoring with dirty boxing on the inside.

Bronzoulis wins a decision and chooses Xtreme Couture.

Round of 16 Fight #16: Rob Mills vs Joe Riggs

Mills steps up to fight again on short notice after Frank Carillo cannot compete. Riggs takes control of the cage center, stalking Mills. He initiates a clinch and lands a huge knee on the inside. Anothe rknee from Riggs and Mills is on his back. Riggs dives into Mills' guard but gets pushed back. Mills uses some leverage to try to cagewalk but Riggs pulls his legs out from under him and passes to side control on the ground. Riggs takes Mills' back with both hooks in but Mills reverses the position and turns into Riggs' guard. Riggs grabs a leg and attacks with a heel hook, forcing Mills to tap out.

Joe Riggs wins via submission and picks JacksonMMA

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