$200, 10 fights, 3 events,1 month. Mugs required!

Sig bets are for pussies!


I have accounts with all the bookies in the above picture, so it's fair to say I like a gamble or two.

All I seem to do lately is throw out random $20 bets on random fights in random threads, so I figured I'd just make a Fanpost and throw out 10 challenges in one go.

$20 per fight only!

Pay Pal only, no snail mail shit!

Max 2 bets per Maniac.

One bet per fight.

First come, first served.

The following 10 fights are what I'm interested on betting on:

  • Chris Leben v Andrew Craig. I take Craig. ( _____________ ) takes Leben.
  • Tim Kennedy v Roger Gracie. I'll take Kennedy. ( _____________ ) takes Gracie.
  • Gabriel Gonzaga v "Pee Wee" Herman. I'll take Gonzaga. ( _____________ ) takes Herman.
  • Tim Boetsch v Mark Munoz. I'll take Boetsch. PabloXL takes Munoz.
  • Rory MacDonald v Jake Ellenberger. I'll take MacDonald. ( _____________ ) takes Ellenberger.
  • Siyar Bahadurzada v Robbie Lawler. I'll take Bahadurzada. Jelly_Belly takes Lawler.
  • Aaron Riley v Justin Salas. I'll take Salas. ( _____________ ) takes Riley.
  • Matt Mitrione v Brendan Schaub. I'll take Mitrione. PabloXL takes Schaub.
  • Thales Leites v Tom "Kong" Watson. I'll take Watson. ( _____________ ) takes Leites.
  • Amanda Nunes v Sheila Gaff. I'll take Gaff. ( _____________ ) takes Nunes.


I honestly don't expect to get a bet with all of these.

I also honestly don't know what the money line is on some of these fights.

None of them are 'underdogs' on Playground.

Some of them are the 'hotbouts' on Playground.

I don't think any of them are more than +200, so I believe they are mostly close matches.

I'm not taking the favourite in all the bets selected.

I'm also running a Kountermove game. Sign up here:

Sign up here pussy

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