Thursday Fun Fanpost - Crazy Co-workers


Do you work with weirdos, mentally unstable or just plain crazy as catshit co-workers?

I sure do.

There is a senior citizen lady who walks around my work building swinging her left arm wildly (as if she is shooing away a buzzing fly). She must be a highly ranked union rep or she plays the race card because that type of behavior screams potential lawsuit.

Anyway, I caught the elevator by myself and was hoping for an express to the 1st floor so I can go home and read my comic books (top priority). I have my fingers crossed until the elevator stops at the 4th floor... Dammit.

In steps crazy shoo fly lady. Our eyes meet. She glares at me through her triple bi-focal 6 inch lenses. I mean mug her back (I am not easily intimidated). Oh shit,'s on.

She gives me her back (bad move granny, I watch a lot of MMA). She then starts to swing her arm around wildly and break out in song. I backed off, confused by the singing - was it an olive branch? I was ready to pull off a sweet, flying armbar. And then the elevator dings. 1st floor already.

Of course, I wait for her to exit first. She takes a wide right turn, avoids smacking the night janitor across the nose with a whirling left and continues to sing right out of the building.

How many crazy people do you work with?

Happy Thursday!

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