Bellator MMA star Rampage Jackson wants to form TNA pro wrestling tag team with King Mo Lawal

Jon Kopaloff

Let's see, a professional wrestling tag team is only as good as the name it competes under. What's a good handle for Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal?

I've got bad news for all the mixed martial arts (MMA) "purists" who can't stand professional wrestling.

Combat sports borrows heavily from the squared circle when it comes to promoting a fight and cutting a promo. After all, there is a reason Chael Sonnen (WWE fan) continues to get press everywhere he goes and it's not for his sub defense. Heck, even the great Muhammed Ali was influenced by "Gorgeous" George Wagner.

Then there's that whole Brock Lesnar thing.

With that in mind, some of you tightwads might want to take the sticks out of your asses and embrace this symbiotic relationship, because it's here to stay. But don't shoot the messenger! It's guys like former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion and recent Bellator MMA acquisition Quinton Jackson who are doing all the legwork.

From today's media conference call:

"I've always been a big Hulk Hogan fan. I was The Ultimate Warrior for two years in a row for Halloween. I used to bench press my friends. I can't wait to get into pro wrestling. This deal I just signed allows me to be a big kid all year round. I get to train for fights, train for pro wrestling and give you guys backstage passes to all this crazy stuff. I'm just enjoying it. I can't wait to get out there and show TNA what's up. I talked to Mo. It only makes sense. Me and Mo were thinking about teaming up and being tag team partners in TNA. We didn't see eye to eye in the past and I thought I'd have to put a whoopin' on Mo. I can only take him for a short period of time but who knows, we might be best friends one day."

That would certainly be interesting.

Primarily because Jackson and fellow Viacom commodity, Muhammed Lawal, were ready to punch each other in the face after their van ride from hell (watch it here), which also included Bobby Lashley, another TNA wrestler who fought under the Strikeforce banner.

Just one, big happy MMA/TNA family.

True, they made up (see their reunion here), but Jackson says he can only handle his new pal in short doses. What a great storyline for a volatile tag team! The new Mega Powers are about to explooooooooode! Or not. Either way, "Rampage" is expected to make his first appearance for TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday night (June 6, 2013) at 9 p.m. ET via Spike TV.

Will you tune in?

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