Maniac's Rankings (2nd for 2013): Call for Entries

We did the first installment of our very own Maniac Rankings of MMA Fighters. Now alot has changed 4 months after we publish those rankings. It's time to update them.

Last time, 27 people emailed me their preferences for fighters and how they rank them in their respective divisions. Here they are:

  1. OJR, the bronze skinned and big chested Maniac from Chicago
  2. Jaywolf1, the guy that hates Dana White and is PRIDE and ONE FC's spokesperson
  3. scarnon, representing the country that convicts built down under
  4. Vetr, representing the lurkers
  5. dlocc, our Mexican MMA aficionado
  6. Shivan Tiger, our beer expert
  7. kg12, our most consistent money pooler so far
  8. tap snap or bons, representing the free pool and UK and Ireland
  9. Two_Words, one of the most-sought after Maniacs for his expert opinions
  10. SanabriaMan, Batman himself
  11. Californication, OG at it's finest
  12. A.K, our kick-ass fighter
  13. pabloXL, our Hollywood Maniac
  14. Cory Braiterman, our beloved writer from Gal's Guide to MMA
  15. detroit_fan, representing the Motor City
  16. IGaveDenverColorodo, from the Rockies
  17. MMA Boss, doing it like a boss
  18. scott1, long time Maniac
  19. Phasebook, I must have a say here definitely. lol
  20. UKBlitzKrieg, currently lurking honoring a one month no posting bet
  21. ricky dooby, one of the originators of this idea and the great finger fighter
  22. Oilcheck, representing the gay and lesbian community
  23. donkeypunch81, one of the original creators of this idea
  24. Pride, the youngest Maniac
  25. wooly shambler, giving us the woooly wooly wooly
  26. Jonnyboy6969, the most active Maniac so far that I have seen this year.
  27. P-Dub, one of the regulars, or OG?

Just to review the previous rankings done last February 12, 2013



Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 268 Cain Velasquez received 25 1st place votes
2 243 Junior Dos Santos received 1 1st place vote
3 204 Daniel Cormier received 1 1st place vote
4 168 Fabricio Werdum 3rd place
5 159 Big Foot Silva 3rd place
6 110 Alistair Overeem 5th place
7 104 Frank Mir 4th place
8 70 Josh Barnett 4th place
9 50 Stefan Struve 3rd place
10 40 Big Nog Noguiera 7th place

Light Heavyweight:

Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 270 Bones Jones received 27 1st place votes
2 223 Dan Henderson 2nd place
3 207 Lyoto Machida 2nd place
4 198 Alex Gustaffson 2nd place
5 123 Glover Texeira 3rd place
6 103 Shogun Rua 3rd place
7 102 Rashad Evans 4th place
8 95 Lil Nog Noguiera 3rd place
9 80 Phil Davis 5th place
10 30 Ryan Bader 6th place


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 270 Anderson Silva received 27 1st place votes
2 215 Chris Weidman 2nd place
3 207 Vitor Belfort 2nd place
4 136 Yushin Okami 3rd place
5 127 Michael Bisping 4th place
6 112 Luke Rockhold 3rd place
7 111 Hector Lombard 3rd place
8 89 Chael Sonnen 2nd place
9 64 Costa Philippou 4th place
10 26 Allan Belcher


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 270 Georges St.Pierre received 27 1st place votes
2 226 Johnny Hendricks 2nd place
3 198 Carlos Condit 2nd place
4 169 Demian Maia 2nd place
5 146 Nick Diaz 2nd place
6 143 Rory MacDonald 2nd place
7 82 John Fitch 4th place
8 63 Jake Ellenberger 5th place
9 55 Martin Kampmann 6th place
10 49 Josh Koscheck 4th place


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 270 Benson Henderson received 27 1st place votes
2 214 Anthony Pettis received 1 1st place vote
3 164 Nate Diaz 2nd place
4 159 Gray Maynard 2nd place
5 157 Gilbert Melendez 2nd place
6 109 Michael Chandler 2nd place
7 108 Jim Miller 4th place
8 85 Eddie Alvarez 3rd place
9 53 Donald Cerrone 5th place
10 36 TJ Grant 6th place


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 250 Jose Aldo Jr. received 25 1st place votes
2 195 Ricardo Lamas 2nd place
3 185 Frankie Edgar 2nd place
4 176 Chad Mendes 2nd place
5 145 Korean Zombie 2nd place
6 91 Pat Curran 2nd place
7 85 Cub Swanson 3rd place
8 74 Dennis Siver 4th place
9 59 Dustin Poirier 5th place
10 43 Clay Guida 4th place


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 216 Renan Barao received 9 1st place votes
2 187 Urijah Faber 2nd place
3 185 Dominick Cruz received 14 1st place vote
4 167 Mayday MacDonald 2nd place
5 135 Eddie Wineland 3rd place
6 74 Bibiano Fernandes 2nd place
7 72 Brad Pickett 5th place
8 59 Brian Bowles 3rd place
9 56 Raphael Assuncao 5th place
10 41 Scott Jorgensen 6th place


Maniac Rank Points MMA fighter Highest Rankings Received
1 170 Mighty Mouse Johnson received 17 1st place votes
2 151 Joseph Benavidez 2nd place
3 135 John Dodson 2nd place
4 110 Ian McCall 3rd place
5 95 John Moraga 4th place
6 56 Jussier Da Silva 5th place
7 34 Louis Gaudinot 6th place
8 31 John Lineker 6th place
9 30 Chris Cariaso 7th place
10 22 Darren Uyenayoma 6th place

Now, let's go to the main goal of this fan post. We are running the second installment of our own Maniac MMA rankings. Again as a reminder, this is not a compilation of the whims and caprices of Geno, Jesse, Tommy, Brian or the other staff but rather as the Maniacs' voice and knowledge of how fighters should be ranked. This is not perfect but as long as it's Mania's own, I took pride in doing them.

Now the RULES:

  • We will rank from Heavyweight to Women's division (Women's division in GENERAL))
  • Pound-for-pound included
  • Chael Sonnen is LHW, Vitor is MW, Frankie Edgar is FW and Anthony Pettis should be ranked as LW
  • This is an MMA rankings and not a UFC rankings so non-UFC fighters are welcome
  • This is a simple rankings game. Top 1 in your list gets 10 points while your top 10 gets 1 points.
  • OJR made a good point last time when he ranked Pettis and Ben as both 1, you can do that as it is your rankings anyway. If they are both 1, then they both get 10 points. As simple as that.


  • Email me your top 10 rankings:
  • All Maniacs are welcome to email me but we prefer if they are here long enough or at least they have more than 500 comments. On another note, we might have reservations if your name is either Levi or Jorge.
  • Deadline is June 15, 2013

Let's Roll and I hope we get more than 27 people for this second installment. Twitter buddies please advertise as well to our Maniac friends on Twitterverse. Cheers and keep the emails coming.

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