WMMA Fights of the Half Year

Since the knockouts of the half year went over perfectly. I've decided to do the WMMA fights. I'm sure everyone at Mania cant be respectful and definitely make completely sexist retarded comments like always. Miesha got that booty.

What WMMA lacks in brutal knock outs is often forgotten with great back and forth matches that include the ground and striking. Especially in the lighter weight classes the ground work involves multiple sequences of transitions, sweeps, submission attempts etc.

In addition to the volume striking instead of fighters looking for that one punch that is regularly seen in Men's MMA. But, of course WMMA is not immune to clinch-fests on the cage and lay and pray either.

Here are 4 fights that stood out for me:

1. Cat Zingano vs Miesha Tate

Easily the best women's fight of the half year.

A hectic 1st round with Cat getting rocked, Miesha get hit a bunch. Spastic ground work.


More of the same in 2nd round but Cat was turning it on at the end, and had that fire. She was ferocious. I agree with Miesha that I rather her get knocked out then have that premature Kim Winslow stoppage. It was bullshit. And I can't believe how many people thought it was fine too. Anyways... catch this fight anyway you can.

2. Leslie Smith vs Sarah Kaufman

Skip to 2:19 for highlights of this back and forth fight. People call Ronda a diaz brother, but fighting style Leslie Smith is. Not only does she train with the Caeser Gracie team she also has the torso/upper body of the Diaz bros.

p.s. Smith won that fight.

3. Kailin Curran vs. Kaiyana Rain

Kailom Curran is nasty. She took apart Kaiyana in the 1st round. Rocking her with a slam and punches. Laser beam ground and pound, and Kaiyana still survived. The rest of the fight was a good battle. Kaiyana tried, but Curran was too much for her.

4. Cassie Rodish vs. Stephanie Macaquinha Frausto

Such a shame. This fight was on the Invicta FC 4 card that had all the technical difficulties causing this fight to not even air on the live portion. IF it did I think it deserved the "fight of the night" bonus more than Davis/Baszler.


3 rounds of frenetic atom weights. I thought Big John stopped the fight a tad early, but still a great fight. #FreeRosenthal

Full fight here:

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