Maniacs' Rankings (2nd for 2013): Extension of Deadline of Entries to June 30, 2013

Maniacs, you've been slacking!

I made a fan post requesting for your entries of your top 10 from heavyweight division to flyweight division (women excluded) almost a month ago and yet.....

Up until now, I only received the rankings of THIRTEEN (13) PEOPLE!

  1. MMA Boss
  2. Johnnyboy 6969
  3. Vetr
  4. PabloXL
  5. Pride
  6. Biggant
  7. Wooly Shambler
  8. Phasebook
  9. Two_Words
  10. Jaywolf
  11. NNR
  12. Cory Braiterman
  13. Shivan Tiger

At least, OJR emailed me to say he has been quite busy!

For this matter, and for the benefit of the rankings,

I am extending the deadline to June 30, 2013 so I can post the Updated Rankings for 2013 by July 01, 2013.

I am also giving you two options:

  1. Email me your rankings through
  1. If you're too lazy to email, please post in this COMMENT section your rankings!

Remember, top 10 - HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW, FW, BW, FLW

How are the sender's viewing the rankings?

  • Majority ranked Cain and Junior as 1 and 2. However, someone ranked Fedor as #1. Guess who?
  • Top 10 HW is always rounded out by the same names: Big Nog, Struve, Hunt
  • Bones is number one in all so far but number 2 is a battle between Machida, Gus and Hendo
  • Anderson is number one MW in all but there's a division between Belfort and Weidman as to who will be number two.
  • GSP and Hendricks is number one and two in WW but someone ranked Hendricks number one, Guess who??
  • Benson is consistent number one for LW but number two is among Pettis, Chandler and Gil.
  • Someone ranked Pettis number in FW although Aldo gets most votes. It's also a tough battle between Frankie and Mendes for second spot.
  • DJ gets all the love at FLW but the number two is a battle among JoeB, Moraga, McCall and Dodson.
  • Barao and Cruz battled it out for number one although some did not even rank Cruz.

Do you agree with the rankings of these 13 so far? Do you think they are unreliable? Do you feel you have the better rankings? Then don't just enclose yourself in that room and produce 7 billion manly soldiers. Don't be a pu**y and send me your rankings! Be counted.

Remember, two choices: email me or through the comments section. It's not asking too much am I?

Hope to see your rankings. Cheers.

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