Josh Thomson: I can beat Benson Henderson



No, you're not being "punked". Thomson believes he has what it takes to beat the champion. Keep reading to see how he thinks they match up.

Lightweight contender and former Strikeforce champion, Josh Thomson, was recently interviewed by and gave his thoughts on a potential bout with UFC lightweight champion, Ben Henderson. Thomsons career has been a series of up and downs due to injuries and inconsistent performances. However, his most recent performance, a stunning second round TKO victory over top lightweight Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 7 has led many to believe that his time is now. Thomson was asked if there were any injuries after his last fight and when he plans to return to the octagon:

A little bit, my shin is still banged up from the kick. I really don't know. We haven't talked about anything yet. I'm hoping to be back soon. I just had surgery on my elbow and I'm feeling good.

Plenty of matchups have been suggested by fans and media alike, only to have the UFC match those opponents up with other fighters. Other LW's such as Diego Sanchez have been calling him out for a potential fight and this is what he had to say about it:

Do you think the lion turned around every time a little dog barked? No, I’m focused on one guy. I’m focused on Benson, that’s it. I don’t really care about anybody else.

Even though there has been no talks of a title shot for Thomson yet, one has to wonder how he sees himself matching up with the 155 pound division kingpin:

I think you could potentially see something like the Gil (Melendez) and Thomson thing again. Stylistically, I think we match up well. I like the way he fights, but I think I can beat him. There’s nothing I can take away from him. He’s that step that I am. We’re well rounded at everything, we’re not great at anything, we’re just good at all of them, and it makes for great fights.

What do you guys think? Will Josh Thomson be the one to end the dominance of Henderson? Who would you like him to face next? Whether it's a title fight or a bout with a top contender, it will surely be fireworks. Let's just hope he keeps his focus on fighting for the title and talking less.

Be sure to watch the rest of the 6 minute interview where he discusses other things.

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