One and done? 'Happy' Nick Diaz says 'no set plans' for second WAR MMA event


Now that retired UFC star Nick Diaz has a taste for what it's like to promote a mixed martial arts (MMA) event, he's unsure if he'll be back to do it again.

If you get the chance, you might want to check out the full video replay for WAR MMA: "Roberts vs. Baesman," which took place last Saturday night (June 22, 2013) at the Stockton Arena in Stockton, California (watch it here).

It may be the only time you get to bear witness to a mixed martial arts (MMA) event promoted by Nick Diaz.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight, who called it quits after a five-round loss to Georges St. Pierre back in March, is unsure if he'll continue as a fight promoter, despite the fact that he was "happy" with the way things turned out last weekend in the 209.

His comments to

"We're happy; everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have a very good team working with me. I didn't call all the shots, but I OK'd things and knew what I wanted. I have no set plans at this time. We'll get together and lay everything out, and discuss it. Then we'll go from there."

It's hard to be a promoter without being a whore, I suppose.

WAR MMA was able to get about 3,500 butts in its seats and streamed online for free. It faced competition from the GLORY 9 kickboxing event in New York City (results here), as well as the Adrien Broner vs. Paulie Malignaggi Showtime boxing event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (recap here).

UFC is currently on hiatus until July 6, when it returns to Las Vegas for UFC 162: "Silva vs. Weidman."

Well fight fans, the future of WAR MMA could be up to you. For those of you who did tune in, let's get some feedback as to how things unfolded, as well as whether or not you'd be interested in future shows. Anyone out there in the peanut gallery think it has potential?

Or not so much?

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