Full Broner vs Malignaggi fight preview for Showtime boxing event


UFC may be off this weekend, but you can still get your combat sports fix with GLORY 9 in Manhattan, along with the Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner championship boxing fight in Brooklyn (or on Showtime).

This Saturday night (June 22, 2013), two of boxing's biggest mouths will collide as Brooklyn's own Paulie Malignaggi defends his WBA welterweight crown against Adrien Broner, jumping directly from 135 to 147 pounds for a shot at the belt inside New York's Barclays Center.

MMAmania.com will provide LIVE coverage and round-by-round, blow-by-blow updates of the championship bout, starting with the Showtime telecast at 9:00 PM ET tomorrow night (Sat., June 22).

Adrien Broner has all the tools to be an absolute darling for both fans and media, thanks to his slick, destructive style with a dangerous blend of speed and concussive power. Only one person has lasted the distance against him since 2009 and only one other man has gone past six against him in that time.

If only he wasn't such a ponce.

Broner desperately wishes he was Floyd Mayweather to an almost creepy extent. The problem is that he has none of Floyd's charisma and his attempts to be cool just make him look silly. He can't parlay arrogance into badassitude the way Floyd can.

Which makes it a real shame that he's going to kick the snot out of Malignaggi.

Paulie is a good boxer. He's decently fast, takes a good shot and can put together some lovely combos. What he can't do is punch worth a damn. Even with what figures to be a size advantage, I have a very difficult time imagining any of his shots troubling Broner.

Worse, Adrien is blisteringly fast.

Considering that even the phenomenally mediocre Pablo Cesar Cano found Paulie's chin on several occasions, that spells hurt.

Size be damned, this is an absolute nightmare match-up for Malignaggi. Even if he does have an advantage in technique (and I'm not entirely convinced), he doesn't pack anywhere near the sort of power necessary to keep Broner off him.

Adrien may be a wanker, but he's a wanker with one hell of a punch and devastatingly fast hands.

Malignaggi is a good fighter on the decline against a potentially-fantastic fighter on a supersonic rise. Cleverness and ringcraft can only get you so far against someone with the gifts of Broner.

This is going to be a beatdown.

Whether Paulie's chin finally fails him -- or his corner decides they'd rather not pay for a hearse -- it's not going the distance.

Prediction: Broner def. Malignaggi via TKO (Round 9)

Remember to stop by Saturday night to join us for our live coverage of the event.

See you there, fight fans!

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