Martial Arts: Respect, honor, dignity.

Champion - Brazil Cup 2008
2nd PLACE - Brazil Cup 2007
Third Place - Brazil Cup 2006
Third Place - World Cup 2006
Champion - South American Champion 2005
Third Place - World Cup 2004
Fifth Place - Pan-american Championship 2002
Champion - Brazilian League Championship 2002
Champion - Rio de Janeiro State Championship 2002
Champion - State University Championship 1999, 2000, 2001
2nd PLACE - Brazilian University Championship 2000
Champion - State Championship 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

These are the accomplishments of one Giulliano Massaras Gallupi, the head instructor at American Top Team OKC.

Tonight, this man tried to assault me and my girlfriend in a Petsmart Parking Lot and made very obscene gestures to us through from his car.

I was always under the impression that Jiu Jitsu was practiced and taught by those with the upmost respect for his art and the individual as a whole. One would be made to believe that just because you have the ability and knowledge to physically best someone in hand-to-hand combat, that you wouldn't use that to your advantage to try and bully people whenever you feel like it.

This bully mentality is not something that should represent the art of Jiu Jitsu.

My girlfriend and I were at a Petsmart, we were in reverse waiting to pull out, this man stopped behind us, not knowing or not caring that we were trying to pull out, and when he did not move, my girlfriend backed her car up about 6 inches in an attempt to inform him we were trying to get out. He then pulled two feet ahead, stuck his hand out the window, and flipped us off for about 30 seconds. He sat there attempting to goad me into getting out of the car. He then pulled away but at the stop sign continued to flip us off and was driving at about 10 mph keeping us behind him on a 45 mph street.

He drives a white car, license plate number 520dwp, with a huge ATT sticker on the back window.

Through some quick detective work, I discovered who it was, and I was very disappointed.

For a teacher to have such a bully mentality and apparently go out looking to beat up people who may not know that is heavily trained in martial arts is sad.

I can only hope that this type of attitude is not common in martial arts training, but it seems as if Mr. Gallupi is in the same vein as a Lloyd Irvin.

I once tried to join ATTOKC, and I am very proud that I didn't. Sandro Sampio Jr. is one of the nicest and most respectful human beings that I have ever met. He understands that he is very skilled and doesn't use his abilities to try and bully the weaker and untrained. Mr. Gallupi could learn a thing or two from him.



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