My Personal Testimonial to How Loving, Sharing and Caring the MMA Mania Community Is









This post is about how loving, caring and sharing the MMA Mania community is. It is also my personal and heartfelt thank you to TAP SNAP OR BONS, KG12, VICDUNDEE, JOBEN, NINJA OREO DOLLOP, MR. G SMITH (RGIII), PABLOXL, RILLY and THORAZINE.

I lost my ipod 2 months ago, to pickpockets in my country, and that limited my time with the Mania community. Immediately, being the good guy that he is, tap snap or bons made a fan post about it ( )

I never expected anything to come out of that fan post. A Maniac said when he had money he will just help out his local person buy food or clothing. Another said, why don't we just help danago with diet pills. Heck, one even said he will help if I had a disease or ailment but with an ipod? Nothing wrong with that. I understood it. Who, in the place of fuck, would actually help someone he hasn't seen and just interacted with in a website that features half naked men? But through bons' efforts, some Maniacs pitched in and showed their good and kind hearts.

Bons emailed me about it and said some Maniacs donated some. I was expecting it to be in the $100 zone. But all and behold -- I received $335 (an amount that is equivalent to my one month salary, btw). I was planning to buy a cheap China tab but the Maniacs are generous enough to help that I was able to buy an I-Pad mini (pictured above).

I was so emotional upon seeing it. I never expected it to be that much. And considering that you don't know me guys, you haven't seen me in real life and you still trusted me and helped me get my dream.

I don't know how to repay you guys but my sincerest appreciation and gratitude goes out to all of you.

  • Tap Snap or Bons, Scotti was right, you're one of the best Maniacs out there, without you, this would not have been possible;
  • kg12, you're one of the most giving Maniacs even donating your winnings to the Scotti fund and to pay event winners. From now on I will join you in your unending hatred for Clay Guida and love for Diego Sanchez;
  • VicDundee, I only interact with you through emails and sometimes on the Mania Money Pool threads but you still took the time to share what you have, thank you and I hope you win the money pool;
  • Joben, despite all the drunken posts and twitter beefs, you're one hell of a commisioner, one of the best, if not the best. Thanks to your efforts, the last two seasons of the Money Pool has seen the biggets number of participants to it. Thank you for sharing your hard-earned money to someone you haven't even met.
  • Ninja Oreo Dollop, you might be Mania's resident shit-picker but you have shown that even with your mid-life crisis you still took the time to share your blessings.
  • Mr. G Smith (RGIII), I've only known you through emails and the Mania Money Pool threads but you still showed gratitude and donated money. I could not thank you enough for that.
  • PabloXL, amigo, thank you for the donation. I hope you'll have more penis-grinding adventures in your trips and you'll bang more chicks during the course of those trips. Seriously, thank you amigo and I wish you more winnings for your poker games.
  • Rilly, our Australian friend and stinky fingers/ricky dooby's money pool nemesis. Thank you Rilly for showing genuine concern in the thread and thank you as well for even using you wife's PP account to donate something.
  • Thorazine, Dave, fellow Dark Side. Thank you man for the big help. I wish you would go back to the Money Pool but if you still find solace and happiness playing and gaining money outside of it, I respect your decision buddy. Thank you once again.

To the other Maniacs who thought I scammed them and to all others who didn't give a single fuck about it, thank you still. Thank you for letting me realize that for every dozens of you, there is one Maniac willing to help, to share what they have to a stranger they have never seen. There is one Maniac out there blessed with a good heart, one that is willing to share to a fellow Maniac.

My experience has shown that this MMA Mania community is not just about cursing, trolling, bitching and fighting each other. You guys have shown that we are capable of doing great things, however small that maybe. I am proud of this community and I will forever be thankful I have clicked this website (it was UFCMania back then) one faithful day in 2008.

My experience is nothing compared to what the community has done to help out Scottidog but it has shown that when a Maniac is in need, a fellow Maniac is out there ready to extend a helping hand, ready to donate however small amount he/she has.

This fan post is also dedicated to the nameless usernames out there willing to help a fellow Maniac in the future. The Scottidog and my testimonial have shown that we are a caring community , ready to help those in our community deserving of charity. We look after each other, share whatever little we have.

Let us continue to be a great community. Jesse, Tom, Geno, Brian, Patrick and all the other staff, thank you for giving us a space in the interwebs to be together, form friendships and companionships that will transcend the physical boundaries of human existence.

Thank you MMA Mania.

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