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Yeah, young people are considering these guys to be their rebel music. Remember when you had to get a Slayer or NWA cassette to be a rebellious youth?

OK, so I did a post a few days about how much I love music the band's I have been listening to and asked my fellow manics to share their favorite tunes of now and yester-year. This thread is the exact opposite and I am hoping to have a good damned time with this thread about what is the worst fucking music you have experienced.

This came about tonight when I realized I have never really listened to Nicki Minaj and I wanted to see what all the fuss has been about... THIS SHIT IS FUCKING HORRENDOUS!!!! I honestly went in with an open mind too, I was just curious. I like hip hop as well so it's not just a genre thing. Well it sort of is, I would not categorize her as hip hop. The first genre I would classify her under is same exact genre I would first classify Toby Keith under, Pop. She is Pop music that is hip hop just like Toby Keith is Pop Country. Sub-genres of Pop not (in Toby's case) a sub-genre of country. Everything about Nicki is fucking fake and that is what I cannot stand. No integrity, no fucking gusto to the music. If singing about being the perfect little angle was what would make that sweaty cunt money then that is what she would be singing about. I can't stand "social nothings" things with no social value from the standpoint of being centrally conceived and controlled. Fuckin YICK! The pop music industry is to music what the fast food industry is to the culinary arts. Seriously to call Nicki a fucking musician for music she clearly didn't write would be like calling someone at McDonald's a cook for food they clearly didn't cook.

Without further ranting here are my submissions for the most awful shit that is like a god damned Canker Sore, you know it fuckin hurts but you just sit and play with it a bit. These are the same way, I will find this shit and be like, "this shit is awful, so awful it hurts!" Then I listen again to try and dissect just why it is so awful, how deeply awful does it get! Fuck I ranted again!

Blood on the Dance Floor

These shit bags have been on my hate-dar for quite some time. They have completely stolen the 80s rocker look mixed with punk in hopes to appear to be a rebel to pre-teen/teen girls that want the look of being dangerous without any of the danger.

Blood On The Dance Floor - "Don't Want To Be Like You" (via officialbotdf)

Close runner up

King Maney

This song is just stupidly awful with awful production to boot. On top of it all there is a kid with a "Earth Crisis" tat on his face openly smoking weed. There was a time when that would for sure get you beat and maybe even killed. This website does a good job explaining it and has the song as well.

Stuff You Will Hate

Can anyone top the awfulness that I have posted? I sure as hell hope not!

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