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Hey fellow Maniacs, I know as of late I have been posting threads that have been divisive and political in nature but not this one. My number one hobby of love is music, hands down. From Wagner to Whitechapel and everything in between. The reason for this thread is who are you currently listening to, what are your newest music discoveries and/or what is a band or group you think people need to hear?

Newest Discoveries

Hip Hop

Rittz, recently signed to Tech N9ne's "Strange Music."

For Real

Like I Am

Greydon Square, underground rapper that raps about science, religion and social issues.

Stockholm Syndrome

Group Home Kid

Currently Listening to a lot


Killswitch Engage, seriously felt like a high schooler again when their original singer Jesse came back. I'll post a song with both singers, which one do you like best?

In Due Time

Rose of Sharyn

Morbid Angel, been listening to a lot of older Morbid Angel again, BRUTAL!

Dawn of the Angry

Soilwork, FINALLY! Probably my favorite album of the year so far and it's a DOUBLE ALBUM. Both albums are great which is a true rarity, I have been waiting for an album like this from Soilwork for years. They are technical, heavy, aggressive and melodic. Great Combination!

Spectrum of Eternity


Hank Williams III, easily one of the best things to happen to actual country music since his grandpa started playing country and the best thing thing to happen to the name Hank Williams since his dad fucked that name up!

Dick in Dixie

Country Heroes

Kacey Musgraves, has found herself a big hit with "Merry Go Round." I like the song and really most of the album. She DID NOT come off of Music Row which is great because I don't trust a god damned thing when it was written by a bunch of people in a suit then given to a performer as if they wrote it.

Merry Go Round

Follow Your Arrow

Bands people might not know but should

Pain of Salvation, these guys span from progressive alt-rock/metal to straight up gritty blues and at times just touching slow ballads. Amazing stuff!


Road Salt

Girl Talk, OK this is just fucking fun music. Remember when Linkin Park and Jay-Z did a mash up? Well Girl Talk does the mashing up for the bands and takes things like Ludacris and pairs it with Black Sabbath haha. Really quite good and clever. This website has the songs and shows exactly what samples are being used.

Mash-Up Break-Down

There you go Maniacs, share away your current musical interests, let me know how much mine suck or whatever. I just love to share and talk about music.

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