Video: UFC fan stops Stockton carjacker via submission (guillotine choke)

The streets of Stockton are not safe. Not for the citizens, mind you, but for the would-be felons who aren't expecting to get taken down and subbed.

Consider Abel Simmons 1-0 in amateur mixed martial arts (MMA).

The longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fan was able to stop a would-be carjacker after watching UFC 160: "Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2," which took place last Saturday night (May 25, 2013) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (results here).

Simmons and his family had just pulled into their driveway in Stockton, Calif., when the alleged suspect, Shron Jones, tried to force his way into the vehicle. Unfortunately, he should have worried less about stealing the car and more about improving his takedown defense.


"I just snatched his legs and took him down. I had just put him in an armbar, he slipped right out of it. So then I got him in a rear naked choke and started rolling and squirming around. He got out of that as well. I had him in a guillotine choke. And he wasn't getting out of that. I had that lock really tight. I just held him in place and said, 'Well, guess you are going to jail tonight buddy.'"

Remember kids, don't try this at home.

Simmons' wife called the police and Jones was taken into custody, where he was subsequently charged with attempted carjacking, battery and resisting arrest.

This isn't the first time an MMA fan has credited UFC for crime intervention.

In early 2011, Joe Lozito stopped a rampaging subway killer in New York and after giving props to the world's largest MMA promotion, got a little visit from UFC President Dana White, who wined and dined him for shedding some positive light on combat sports in a state where cagefighting is banned.

Perhaps Simmons can get the same treatment from Stockton's own Nick Diaz, who will launch his War MMA outfit later this year.

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