For the 3rd time, my home town has been destroyed. *Updated*

Not many of us have a choice about where we live. We just have to accept the hand were dealt and try to make the best of the situation. 2 E-F 5's and an E-F 4 have ripped through the heart of Moore since 1999. Every time we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. This one however was different.

I don't know how many of you know the full extent of the damage, but this Tornado ripped through two schools, a shopping center, two entire neighborhoods, a movie theater, a hospital, and disappeared a bowling alley and bank. The destruction has reached Braiterman level.

The absolute worst is that the tornado hit while schools were getting out. I have no power and am doing this from my phone charge by a 1200w generator so I can not upload the pictures I have taken or give you any updates on the death toll, but last I heard, it was 21 with 9 children.

It has really been an eye opening experience. I was so much closer than I ever want to be again. I live right across the street from the neighborhood that was leveled on 149th street. The debris alone destroyed many house near me.

It's amazing how so many people can come together and help. It's also amazing how bad goverment can fuck things up. Streets are blocked off miles away from any damage. Entrances and exits onto I35 remain closed, not by debris, but by police barracades. My personal favorite though, is the fact that FEMA and the Red Cross have run rough shod on the donations and revovery efforts of the churches here, and have decided they know where supplies and volunteers are needed better than local churches and community members do.

This has taught me the value of life, friendship, and community. Something that our own Scottidog tried to teach us everyday. I only wish I had listened to him more. I am truly sorry if I have ever offended anyone on here. It was never my intention and I will work harder to be a better member of this community. I only ask for your patience and understanding in this difficult time. You really are an amazing group of people. From the Scottidog memorial, to Phasebook's IPad, and Unambig's Pulitzer Prize worthy breakdowns, you have it all.

With all of that said, Rex_Kwon_Do, I saw your disgusting comments about Moore and New Orleans, and I just have to say you are a very sad and pathetic human being. I know all to well about the temptation to be a prick on the Internet, but there is a time and place for that and you picked a really bad time. I would put what you said on the level of the Westboro Baptist Church who will be here today to protest the funerals and recovery.

Well mania, that's it for me. Once I have Internet and power at my house, I will upload some very powerful photos that demonstrate the ferocity of this storm. I also have some the demonstrate the compassion of the human heart.












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