64 Bracket Tourny Draw ~(Who did you get)~

Alright you fucking maggots.

Welcome to the 2nd round of the bracket tourny. Below you will see who you have been paired with. Good fuckin luck.


Round 2

64 players are now left to battle it out. The highest combined scores from UFC 160 and UFC on FUEL 10 will make it to the final 32, ( round 3) Good luck bitches!


Here's the actual draw.

All the numbers actually don't mean anything .



Round 3

Same as previous round.The highest combined scores from UFC 161 and UFC 162 will make it to the final 16

Round 4

This will consist of just one event, the highest score from UFC on FOX 8 qualifies.

Quarter Final

8 players remain and the 4 highest scorers from UFC 163 will contest the semi-finals.


Fuckin obvious now how it works. The 2 winners from UFC ON FOX SPORTS 1 go though.


The final two shall battle it out. UFC 164 shall decide the champion.


In the case of a tie

  • If two players end up with a tied score after the 2 events, the player who qualified with the higher score goes through.
  • If scores are tied after 1 event (single round), the person with the highest previous round total score shall qualify
  • If someone forgets to makes their picks, tough shit, they get zero points.
  • If it's a single event round and a player forgot to make his picks, the opponent gets a bye to the next round.
  • If the final is a tie, the player with the highest semi-final score will be the Champion.



As already stated, the winner shall have his entry fee paid for by myself to enter next seasons Moneypool. Previous winners are BNF and Snake_Pliskan


This just show how the tourny panned out last season. Obviously events changed and what have ya. This is right up to the semi-finals.


Qualifying Scores

I will update them later. They are kind of important in the case of a tied score. Just check out the freepool post to keep up to date as I wont be makin separate posts for this.

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