Fuck you Fight-Metric!!


That kick did not knock out Rockhold. Fact! It was the beginning off the for end sure, but the ground and pound with five clean punches is where the t/ko came from. Back to back head kick knock out wins my sweaty bollox.

Anyway, enough of my bullshit, on with the results:



The reigning, defending, fighting champion:


Fucking 3rd? I honestly thought I was gonna be numero uno. I mean, I got no picks wrong ffs. Okay, this was a fairly straight forward event, but fuck it, I hit a perfect card. 13/13, and still finished off the top spot. Round and method rules. Unlucky for some eh?

My handy work!


I took 3rd by scoring:

  • 112 points
  • Had 13/13 correct picks
  • 22 hot points
  • 5 perfect picks
  • 96th out of 1892
  • Fuckin well done Bons




Karpen fuckin tero again. My absolute fuckin nemesis. Every event he seems to be getting better and better. Motha fucka is on a serious hot streak, and I can only applaud it. Wish the silly fucker would at least sign up here on Mania and at least fuckin gloat. Or is he already signed up here? And by picking Rockhold, he lost the chance to win the event.

Anyway, once again, Karp beat me and most of the rest of us once again by scoring:

  • 115 points
  • Had 12/13 correct picks
  • 22 hot points.
  • 7 perfect picks
  • 58th out of 1892
  • Not perfect, but close enough. Congrats




Don't know much about this fella, but what I do know is, he's new to the freepool, and has already kicked our asses. Anewbie? Only by name. He came, made his pick and actually got a lot of them correct with either round or method. He picked up a lot of 7 pointers, which ultimately gifted him the top spot here. Impressive event and a score that has him shooting up the table into the top 5, and also got him into the top 20 off all of Playground.

Very well done!!

Took the event by scoring:

  • 121 points
  • Had 12/13 correct picks
  • 22 hot points.
  • 7 perfect picks
  • 16th out of 1892
  • Fuckin savage job. Congrats


This events shit picker award goes to none other than:


Made one pick, and picked Rockhold. It counts, so fuck you. With zero points and coming dead last on all of Playground, PotofShit take the crappy award.

Event Scores:

We have a new member joining our ranks, however his score for the Brazil event arent being counting, as they were made for the Moneypool. However, his score and position obviously will count in the actual league table. Beware, DLOCC is no mug!




View Picks




View Picks




View Picks
4 105 Cambs1 View Picks
5 103 fulch View Picks
6 100 Scaly_Manphi View Picks
7 97 diazsweedman View Picks
8 94 megamike1989 View Picks
9 93 paulnewman View Picks
10 90 scott1 View Picks
11 83 the_rocketeer View Picks
11 83 Cedy027 View Picks
13 77 IrishKev View Picks
14 76 wolfman13 View Picks
15 69 TheNextDamnChamp View Picks
16 68 McRad View Picks
17 65 bezeau24 View Picks
18 57 Plainview View Picks
19 55 Raymondo View Picks
20 53 phillie90 View Picks
21 49 T_BUCK7 View Picks
22 33 UKBlitzkrieg View Picks




View Picks

Current League standings:

I am maybe expecting 1 or 2 more to join from the moneypool for reasons of non-payment, mix-ups and whatever other reasons. If not, couldn't care less. I'm guessin Aussie will take up the invite though. Anyway, like I said, Dlocc has joined us, and is sittin in 3rd. What I say?

How shit are ya Doin Diaz? 8th place means your in the top 3rd.










4 172 Scaly_Manphi
5 166 anewbie
6 164 Cambs1
7 154 fulch
7 154 megamike1989
8 152 diazsweedman
9 148 scott1
10 146 IrishKev
11 145 wolfman13
12 140 bezeau24
13 139 the_rocketeer
14 132 TheNextDamnChamp
15 125 Cedy027
16 124 paulnewman
17 121 Plainview
18 111 Raymondo
19 104 T_BUCK7
20 75 UKBlitzkrieg
21 68 McRad
22 66 vhw
22 66 TheMmaIndia
23 53 phillie90
24 38 PotOfGold

64 Man Bracket Tourny

Okay, here where it gets interesting for both pools. The good 'ol Bracket Tourny. For those not up to date, the premise is simple. The past 2 events were the qualifying rounds. Now I will be be taking the top 64 players from both the Freepool and Moneypool, and they are entered into the Knock out tournament.

The prize.

The winner of the Tournament, and the Freepool will get their name on a golden ticket, which entitle them to a *free entry to the Moneypool. Snake_Pliskan won the tourny last season.


*Its not really free, I pay for the winners. So ye cunts best be saying thanks when I sign you up.


Here is the list of the 64 players who have qualified for the Tournament. The cut off point was 124 points.

As for the rest. Unlucky, your out.

I will make the draw, which will be random, tomorrow.

If your name's not on the list, tough shit!

1) SanabriaMan

2) kimuralloverurface

3) Jido7

4) swiftman

5) thepride

6) Phasebook

7) DanielWorby

8) Jonnyboy6969

9) ViolentMike

10) OilCheck

11) murph0706

12) Rilly

13) sklart

14) freenow82

15) ShivanTiger

16) JorgeHernandez3

17) Christophecleus

18) Ninja_Oreo_Dollop

19) 777s

20) MMA_Boss

21) DalesDeadBug

22) VicDundee

23) goldmouth

24) letstalkmma

25) RedMan

26) Joben

27) donkeypunch81

28) DetroitDrew

29) Ella

30) phinsallday

31) Snake_Pliskan

32) roy1

33) MrBrutality

34) ricky-dooby

35) TripPilch

36) pabloXL

37) Gurthee

38) Rolandando

39) sepenoob

40) jelly_belly

41) Tap-or-snap-Bons

42) scarnon

43) dildon

44) thatstanky

45) afrotikiman

46) Donnmcslick

47) biggant

48) BNF

49) karpentero

50) Bons_210309

51) Dlocc

52) Scaly_Manphi

53) anewbie

54) Cambs1

55) fulch

56) megamike1989

57) diazsweedman

58) scott1

59) IrishKev

60) wolfman13

61) bezeau24

62) the_rocketeer

63) TheNextDamnChamp

64) Cedy027

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