Manager: 'I wouldn't be surprised if Jon Jones fights two more times this year'


Too soon? Toe or no toe, UFC 205-pound champ Jon Jones has ants in his pants while waiting to break the division record for consecutive title defenses.

Records, not toes, were made to be broken.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is in a big hurry to break the division record for consecutive title defenses at five, one he currently holds with former 205-pound titleholder Tito Ortiz. Then tack on one more, just for good measure.

His manager, Malki Kawa, talks to Bleacher Report.

"I'll just tell you this, I wouldn't be surprised if Jon fights two more times this year. That's very aggressive and I know that's crazy, but it's something that he discussed with me and we talked about it. I told Superman to relax a little bit, you're injured right now, but he's got an aggressive timeline in his head. Certain goals and accomplishments that he wants and we're looking to get that record. The truth and the fact of the matter is before we can talk any superfight or any move in weight class or anything to that effect, Jon Jones wants to win his next fight at light heavyweight, he wants to break that record, he wants to own that record solely. He wants to be considered the greatest light heavyweight of all time at this point. I already think he is the greatest light heavyweight of all time, record or no record."

Jones dislocated his toe in a first round technical knockout win over Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 last month in New Jersey, but has been recovering at a brisk pace, recently having the stitches removed and "feelin' good." He's still a few weeks away from getting back into the gym full time, but that's not going to hamper his timeline for return.

Especially since he doesn't even have a number one contender.

Alexander Gustafsson and Lyoto Machida are busy arguing over who should get the next opportunity to try to break "Bones," while Dan Henderson could put himself right back in "the mix" by defeating former division kingpin Rashad Evans at UFC 161 next month in Winnipeg.

Then again, there's always Plan B.

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