That is a phrase that nobody in their right mind expects Bruce Buffer to bellow this Saturday night(Sunday morning for some). And why would anyone think that given the way thier first encounter went down? Bigfoot is a huge underdog, & rightfully so.

But I was thinking, wut if Bigfoot doesnt throw a leg kick to start the fight? His tdd is pretty damn good, maybe good enough to stuff 1 td & land a devasting right hand. Cain doenst have a weak chin by any means, but we've seen him rocked by Kongo & a clipping punch like JDS landed on him is ALWAYS possible.

If Bigfoot were to actually pull off this upset, the UFC's heavyweight division would be in a state of complete disarray. Bigfoot's first title defense could be 1 of 3, maybe 4 legitimately sensible options:

-Bigfoot vs Daniel Cormier 2

-Bigfoot vs JDS/Hunt winner

-Bigfoot vs Cain 3

-Bigfoot vs Werdum 2 *(IF Werdum beats Nog)

I personally Believe Cormier would deserve the shot, after the way he destroyed Bigfoot their first fight, as well as what he has accomplished since that time in beating up Josh Barnett & Frank Mir. What do they do with Cain, JDS/Hunt winner & Loser, Nelson, Reem, Mir, Browne??? Does Barnett get signed? Does Werdum even beat Nog? If DC gets the shot at the title & wins it, what in the hell does Cain do? Struve & Duffee arent contenders but I think they are fringe top 10 guys that could fight a Nog or Hunt.

-Bigfoot vs Cormier 2

That leaves Cain, Werdum, JDS/Hunt winner, Reem, Mir, Nelson, Browne, JDS/Hunt loser, Nog would all have to be booked on some fashion. Maybe do Cain/Werdum & JDS/Hunt winner vs Nelson? Most impressive winner gets the #1 contenders spot, like how Shogun/Vera, Machida/Bader was on FOX 4.

The possibilities would be more limitless than Francis Carmont at that point. Just the type of chaos that I cannot help but root for on Saturday night when I celebrate my 25th Birthday.

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