Eddie Alvarez update: Former Bellator champ says 'no settlement,' wants trial to expose 'the truth'


And the fight continues...

Just last month, Bellator was denied the motion to dismiss Eddie Alvarez's counterclaim in the ongoing trial between the two parties (see why here). While a settlement was teased earlier this year, Alvarez has since gone public on Twitter with his new gameplan, which included selling his investment property that was originally intended for retirement.

"We will be going to trial and there will be NO settlement. I want to see this thing through and let the truth come out in the end. I needed time to renovate and sell my home anyway in order to move to Florida, so this may have come as a blessing. My goal is to move to Florida, train with the best team and coaches in the world, beat this court case, become No. 1 in the world and keep it. I am in no hurry. This has always been a marathon for me, not a sprint, and time will only make me more dangerous when I fight, I promise."

Alvarez sold his property after announcing on the MMA Hour that he is moving to Florida to train full time with the Blackzilians. The profits from the sale are going to be used to fund his relocation and ongoing trial. He doesn't have much choice, since he can't make any money fighting while tied up in court.

He is set to leave in a few days and is currently searching for a rental property.

Looks like this thing is going to ride all the way to the end, which could be a long ways away. This could adversely affect him financially, as well. After all, Bellator is no longer a mom-and-pop shop, we are talking Viacom lawyers here.

Does Alvarez have the firepower to withstand a lengthy trial?

He just sold his retirement property, so he should be stable, but I just hope he isn't wasting all of this for a lost cause. Win or lose, this is a pretty shitty situation. The last thing Eddie mentioned was the unsanctioned fighting in Miami that pays good cash -- hopefully that's just him being sarcastic!

For more on the Bellator vs. Eddie Alvarez lawsuit charade click here and here.

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