Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7-The Bear and the Maiden Fair


Brienne in the pit via

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, except Cersei. And Melisandre

South of the Wall, Jon and the wildlings are working their way towards Castle Black. Ygritte gives Jon some shit about how to Southroners fight using banners and beating drums, and asks how the standard-bearers do any fighting. Jon explains that the drums helps the men march and the standard-bearers are there to show the house sigils. She still thinks they're silly practices. Orell approaches, and Jon uses this chance to confront him about cutting them loose during their climb. Orell points out that Ygritte had no problem with it, because she understands how things work. He tells Jon that he won't be able to hold onto Ygritte. The group moves on, and Orell grills Ygritte about her and Jon. He makes it clear that he wants her, and says he'd be better to her than Jon. When she says she loves him, Orell says she won't when he reveals what he really is. Later, Ygritte spots a tower as the group travels. She asks Jon if it is a palace, but he says it's just a windmill. She is nevertheless very impressed by how tall it is, and Jon tells her she would faint if she saw Winterfell's towers. Ygritte says she'll have to see it once the wildlings have taken their land back. Jon tells her the wildlings won't win, no matter how brave they are. The wildlings have no training, no discipline and will die if they attack the Wall. She says they may die, but first they'll live. Braveheart-esque quote right there.

In the Riverlands, Robb and his army are being held up on their way to the Twins by a downpour. The Blackfish holds no qualms about calling Walder Frey the most unpleasant man he's ever met. Robb says Frey should be happy that he's getting the best match that they've ever had in Edmure, and sends everyone to get some rest. Canoodling time for him and his missus. Afterwards, he studies battle plans while Talisa pens a letter to her mother in Valyrian. She asks him if he will one day accompany her for Volantis to meet her mother. Robb promises he will. Talisa informs Robb that she is pregnant with a little prince or princess. He is understandably thrilled. They canoodle some more.

In King's Landing, Sansa is telling Margaery about how she used to want more than anything to come to the capitol, and admits she was a stupid little girl. They take a walk, and Margaery lets her know that both her and Olenna want Sansa to be happy. She points out that the silver lining in this is that Tyrion is far from the worst Lannister and he has been nothing but kind to her. Also, Sansa's son will become Lord of both the North and Casterly Rock one day. Sansa just now realizes that she will have to bear children for Tyrion, comparing him to Loras. Margaery reassures her that Tyrion may surprise her in the lovemaking department.

Meanwhile, Tyrion is not too thrilled about the marriage, venting to Bronn. Bronn doesn't see the problem with the situation, as Sansa is young and beautiful and he can keep Shae. Then he'll have two women and an entire kingdom in the North. Later, Tyrion attempts to make peace with Shae by offering her gold, but she is put off by the fact that it's in the form of chains. Things quickly fall apart between the two. She offers to take him across the Narrow Sea to escape the marriage and Tywin, but he says it's impossible. Instead, Tyrion offers her a new house in the city with many amenities. She refuses, and says she is not his lady, merely his whore.

In the Red Keep, Joffrey wants Tywin to tell him of what happens during small council meetings. He also wants to know why they're being held in the Tower of the Hand. Tywin says it is because that's where he works, and it is convenient. Joffrey doesn't like that, pointing out that if he wanted to attend a meeting he would have to climb all the stairs in the Tower. Tywin offers a fix by having Joffrey carried up the stairs, which causes him to quickly switch the subject to the rumors of dragons. When Joffrey asks why something hasn't been done about them, Tywin says they are merely curiosities and of no importance. Nevertheless, Tywin promises to consult him in the future.

Danaerys and her army have arrived at Yunkai, and Jorah informs her of the Yunkai's strategy of hiding behind their walls. Engaging them in battle would not end well. Danaerys is still adamant about taking the city, as there are 200,000 slaves that need rescuing. She sends Grey Worm to deliver terms to the city. The Yunkai return the favor, sending gifts and one Razdal mo Eraz to talk peace. He informs her that taking the city will be no easy feat, prompting a display of her dragons' savagery to change his mind. He turns to the gifts, offering her gold and ships in exchange for her leaving for Westeros and leaving them alone. She offers a gift of her own: Razdal's life in exchange for the freeing of all the slaves in Yunkai. This pisses him off, and he tells her he has powerful friends and threatens to make her a slave. Drogon moves closer to Razdal, screeching all the while. He orders his slaves to retrieve the gold, but they are going nowhere near the dragons. He admits defeat and leaves. Danaerys tells Jorah and Barristan to find out the identities of the powerful friends that he was talking about.

In Blackwater Bay, Melisandre and Gendry are discussing Gendry's heritage. She asks if he ever wondered where his strength and talent for fighting came from but he is skeptical, reminding her that he's lowborn. She tells him of how she was as well, merely a slave until the Lord of Light intervened and saved her. She points towards the Red Keep, calling it his father's house. Gendry is in disbelief over the fact that the late King Robert was his father. She says that is why the gold cloaks wanted him.

In the Brotherhood's hideout, Arya is cold towards Beric and Thoros, calling them traitors for giving up Gendry. Beric says it was the Lord of Light's command, but Arya says she only believes in the God of Death. Anguy enters and informs them of a Lannister raiding party to the south, and the Brotherhood gets ready for a hunt. Arya is upset that they're going after the Lannisters before taking her to Riverrun, but Beric assures her they'll take her there afterwards. She doesn't believe him and runs off. As the Brotherhood searches for her, she runs straight into the waiting arms of the Hound.

At Harrenhall, Jaime enters Brienne's cell. He informs her that Lord Bolton is leaving in the morning for the Twins, meaning Brienne will be alone with Locke in charge. When Jaime suggests getting her out, as he owes her a debt, she says to fulfill Catelyn's orders and continue to King's Landing. She will consider the debt paid. He agrees, and promises the return of the Stark girls. Outside, tells Roose to deliver a message to Robb at the wedding: he regrets not being able to make it, and the Lannisters send their regards. As he leaves, Locke berates him and says they'll take good care of Brienne.

Wherever he is, Theon is unstrapped from his X by a pair of women and given water. They tend to his wounds while flirting with him. Theon is convinced that the stranger sent them to tempt him, but they assure him they're not and grab his junk. One of them undresses and straddles Theon, and he quickly forgets his fear as the other joins in. While in the thick of it, the stranger interrupts with a blast of a horn. Theon attempts to flee but is knocked down. The stranger calls two men into the room, and they hold Theon down while the stranger castrates him.

In the North, Bran's party has set up camp for the night. Osha questions Jojen as to what he is talking to Bran about. He tells her they're discussing what's going on in Bran's head. Osha wants more details, but Jojen says it's not that easy as he doesn't know them all. He then tells her they're not going to Castle Black, but to the Three-Eyed Raven beyond the Wall. Bran is all for it, but Osha is not so sure. She tells them the story of how her lover, Bruni, disappeared and returned as a wight. She says the North is no place for men.

On the road, Qyburn is inspecting Jaime's stump, and tells him the infection has been halted. Jaime asks why the Citadel took his chain. Qyburn says he was expelled because of his experiments and observations on patients, causing some to die. Jaime then asks if Qyburn was able to send a raven to Tarth. Qyburn confirms that Lord Selwyn Tarth sent a raven back, offering 300 dragons for Brienne's return. While a fair offer, he believes Locke will not accept because he still believes that Tarth is full of sapphire (oops). Tonight, Brienne will be entertainment, but after that, she won't be worth much. Jaime tries to convince Steelshanks, the company's leader, to return to Harrenhall. When he refuses, Jaime threatens to tell his father that Steelshanks was the one that cut his hand off. If they first go back to Harrenhall, he'll tell Tywin that Steelshanks saved him. The men turn around and start back. When they arrive, Jaime finds the men singing around a pit in the ground. In the pit, Brienne is squaring off with a bear, with only a wooden sword as protection. The bear has already wounded her on the neck, and it looks like it's not going much better for Brienne. Jaime approaches Locke and offers to pay anything to get her out of there. Locke says he is happier watching Brienne fight. As the bear shatters her wooden blade, Jaime jumps down into the pit and tells her to get behind him. Steelshanks shoots the bear with a crossbow so he doesn't lose Jaime, distracting the beast long just long enough. They are pulled to safety, and Locke immediately says that Brienne is going nowhere. Jaime reminds him that Bolton would rather have Jaime delivered alive than Brienne stay at Harrenhall, and Locke relents. Jaime smirks at Locke, and backhandedly apologizes about the sapphires as he and Brienne leave.

Another great episode. At this point I feel like the series can do no wrong, with one small exception. I was disappointed with the bear pit. It seemed anti-climactic in my opinion, but that's still a rather small complaint. I feel like this episode is the beginning of Jaime's redemption, as he never would have willingly gone back to save Brienne before. Also, anyone else starting to feel just a little sorry for Theon? I know he's an asshat and all, but the man lost his balls.

Next week: Danaerys meets a dangerous man, Stannis and Davos converse, Cersei wants to kill some people, the Hound and Arya get better acquainted, Gednry is in trouble, as are Gilly and Sam, Tywin seems to put Joffrey in his place and we get a reminder that there are only three epsiodes left :(

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