Unexpected Competition: Today's In-House Tournament **Updated with pictures


I was not supposed to compete today. I haven't competed since my last post in June. Frankly, I'm tired of paying a ton of money to wrestle out of my weight class. I'd rather have an amateur fight than waste my time in jiu-jitsu tournaments.

In fact, I had no intention of competing more than once a year for the foreseeable future(the no Gi Pan-ams in Fall being the exception). When I showed up to referee and work the clock at my gym for our in-house tournament, a small tournament where all nearby schools can get experience, I was looking forward to eating and hanging out. Instead, I had two matches.

This plan was working perfectly, until about three hours ago. In the morning, we had a great turnout, with plenty of kids(under 13) showing up to compete. I worked the clock, cracked jokes, and the morning moved quickly. Unfortunately, not nearly as many adults showed up. My instructor likes to insure everyone gets three matches, but three guys didn't have enough opponents.

I stepped up versus two, while my main training partner took care of the third. Together, we went 3-0 with three finishes. He, a 145lbs purple belt, choked out a 250lbs blue belt. Unfortunately, I have no videos, but I'll describe both of my matches and add on the pictures later when they're uploaded. I'll also try to incorporate gifs to clear up what I mean.

Match 1

I was sitting down, chilling out, when my instructor asked me to wrestle. I took off my belt, dropped my phone and ear buds, before walking to the center of the mat. Across from me is the same guy I wrestled in my last tournament; match 2 in the post I linked above. Well, it's time for a rematch, except this time I was wearing cargo shorts and the t-shirt I bought from Case Harts, while he was wearing goddamn yoga pants.

Anyway, since we were both blue belts(I have two stripes, I believe he has four), we wrestled under advanced rules, meaning any foot locks. I adore heel hooks and wanted one.

I opened by feinting low with a shot before pulling butterfly guard. As he moved in to attempt a pass, I noticed his feet were quite close together. Instead of waiting for him to start, I blasted through a double leg from my back. I landed in his half guard and immediately went for a d'arce attempt off of his under hook. Then, I switched to an anaconda before attempting a guillotine. He stood up, and I sat again.


He dove into my full guard and tried to isolate my arms by pushing into my biceps, which is the first step to most basic full guard passes. However, I know a few tricks. I let my arms go limp and let them sit on the mat above my head.

Now, instead of my biceps, his hands were closer to my arm pits. He was determined to get the pass, so he didn't let go. This was a mistake. By leaving his arms so extended, he opened himself up to an armbar. I capitalized by throwing my hips up. I didn't use my hands until after I had had him trapped in the hold, which makes it much sneakier. I hipped in and won around two minutes into the match.


I thought i was done after this. I watched my buddy arm drag and choke out the big guy in about a minute. Then, my name was called again. This time, my opponent was around my age and also a blue belt. For this match, only straight foot locks would be allowed.

Match 2

I tied up with my opponent and instantly felt stronger than him. I'm not big into clinch takedowns, so I stepped back and lowered my base. Then, I slid my lead leg around his left and blasted through him with a double. Generally, I set this up with an arm drag, but it wasn't necessary.


I immediately passed his guard. From side control, I attempted a plethora of chokes. I went for guillotines, anacondas, D'arces, a north-south choke, and a Peruvian neck tire. I was able to constantly alternate between mount, back mount, knee in the belly, and side control. I'll give the kid credit, he fought of most of my choke attempts.

Peruvian neck tie


Mounted guillotine.


The latest position I've been working on, the grapevine back mount. Opens up calf slicers(one of my favorite moves), banana splits, and twisters... all of which were illegal. I actually locked up a calf slicer accidentally in a scramble and had to let it go at one point.


Three minutes in, I was in his half guard, up 12-0 with a ton of advantages. I grabbed a kimura and used it to pass. After moving to north-south and attempting to finish it, I switched to an arm bar. As he went to roll up on me, I weaved my legs around his head for a triangle.


When I locked in the triangle, I didn't like how my legs were locked up. Instead of trying to muscle a finish, I attacked the arm stuck inside my triangle. By grabbing his wrist with both arms, forcing it against my leg, and hipping in, I finished an inside shoulder lock. While the position is different, the effect is the same as what Frank Mir did to Pete Williams years ago.


Today, I out-scored both of my opponents(17-0 total) before finishing them. My record improves to 46-18 with 32 submissions. I doubt I'll compete until this fall, but if I do, Mania will be the first to know. Hopefully, my next post is about my amateur debut, not some silly tournament.

Thanks for reading.

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