Amateur photos from Total Mayhem III in Vancouver


What's up guys, I went to my first live amateur MMA fights last night and snapped some pics. Have a look if you want, if only for the ring girls. There's about 30 of them. This was a Gerry Gionco promotion, who is kind of the big deal here in Vancouver. It had boxing, kickboxing, and MMA.

I only came to cover the amateur debut of a local guy from the community. As some of you know I'm a news reporter and I'd written a story about him last year. You can check it out here. Anyway, he has his own MMA Academy in Tsawwassen so I came to shoot pics and see what happened.

First of all, although I shoot professionally for my newspaper, I am NOT a sports photographer. Don't tell me my pictures are shit because I know they are. The lighting was pretty bad in there and even with an ISO around 4500 or 6400 I couldn't run a shutter speed faster than 200-300. Also, I didn't bring my flash because I didn't think it would be so dark. Live and learn. ALSO, I didn't bring any lens faster than f2.8 and that was on my 14-24mm wide-angle. And FINALLY I wasn't able to shoot close up to the ring, so my pics are obstructed by rings.

Right-click and open in a new window for higher res images.

1. The ring at Fraserview Hall in Vancouver


2. This was Tommy Tsi from Surrey, B.C. entering the ring for a boxing match.


3. Tsi was fighting Buven Brar, also from Surrey.


4. Like I said, slow shutter speed. Anyway, Tsi handled pretty well.


5. Tsi by UD. And to the spoils go... dat ass.


6. Daniel Richard from Vancouver for a lightweight MMA fight. Dude looked impressive just entering the ring.


7. Tyler Lepper from Surrey.


8. Lepper was decent but Richard had the takedowns all night.


9. Shooting the takedown. By the way, I think the reason the photos are overexposed on the fighters is a combination of the actual lighting conditions and the fact I should have used single-point exposure on the camera. Forgot to change it. Live and learn.


10. Pretty sweet armbar attempt. I think Richard picked him up and dropped him to escape.


11. Gotta keep people entertained


12. I think I gotta go to the bathroom for a minute


13. Sometimes missing the focus and hitting the ropes actually works better.


14. Mmm hmm


15. This kid reminded me of Jim Miller


16. Jr. Cuevas from Surrey for a featherweight fight


17. Dude was pretty good, he destroyed quickly


18. The hostess has the biggest fake cans you've ever seen. Just wait.


19. By the time I changed my lens after these pre-fight shots, the fight was over


20. Gratuitous ass shot


21. The dude on top looked good early here, but he lost. Gets suplexed later, but too much motion blur to post the pic.


22. I saw him in the parking lot later, his face was pretty busted up


23. You know what, I had the fight card but I've completely mixed up which corner was which. And you don't care anyway.


24. I think he won in under 20 seconds.


25. I was stuck back here with the ring girls all night. Pity me.


26. And the winner is... dat ass


27. I think this might be my one photo that didn't suck.


28. This was my guy, Andrew Davis, middleweight


29. This was pretty much the whole fight: leg kick, off balance, takedown, mount, rear naked choke. The end.


30. Ruh roh


31. That's deep, Mike


32. That's a wrap.


That was actually only the 7th fights. I left after and missed the better fights but whatever.

Anyway, if I ever go again I'll go with a very fast lens, something like a 50mm f1.8 should work.

Thanks for spending five minutes of your life you'll never get back looking at pictures of guys who will never be in the UFC.

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