UFC on FOX 7: Daniel Cormier has nothing to lose against Frank Mir except his limbs

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, JULY 10, 2009: Frank Mir during the weigh-in for UFC 100 inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada - COPYRIGHT:Martin McNeil

Is Daniel Cormier the next big thing at 265 pounds? Or will he be exposed by Frank Mir on FOX?

Love him or hate him, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin Frank Mir, who fights Daniel Cormier at UFC on FOX 7 later this month in San Jose, Calif., is a dangerous fighter.

Just ask Tim Sylvia and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Both "The Maniac" and "Minotauro" had their arms snapped at the expense of the muscular grappler, who also holds wins by way of kneebar, toe hold and inside shoulder lock, among others. Simply put, the ground is the last place you want to be in a Frank Mir fight.

Just ask him, he'll tell you (via MMA Fighting):

"[He has] nothing to lose. He goes out and fights somebody else that's lower ranked, and he comes out and loses, he loses a lot of stock. He goes out against me, changes levels, takes a shot. I guillotine him and choke him out in, let's say, 40 seconds. Does it really take anything away from his stock? No. He can still stand up and go, ‘Well guys, I got submitted by Mir, [joined] the laundry list of people that have been submitted by him. I'm going to go to light heavyweight.' And he still has all the same momentum he had when he first started. All his fans will be able to just remark on the fact that, ‘Well, you know, Mir caught him. He stepped in right off the bat. That's Mir, you know? Mir catches a lot of people.' So he can actually lose and not lose anything. I think he has kind of a false sense of security [after] fighting against Josh [Barnett]. You know, he feels like, ‘Well, Josh caught me and couldn't finish me.' Barnett's a great grappler, but he's not known for smashing people's limbs off. If I catch something, and it's close, I put people in the hospital. How many bones has Barnett broken? How many people has he put in the hospital? Anybody at heavyweight can hope for a knockout. But I hunt them down and see them. And as far as submissions go, if he makes a mistake, then I'll take one of his limbs home."

On the flip side, all six of Mir's losses have come by way of knockout or technical knockout.

That means the undefeated Cormier (11-0), who rose to mixed martial arts (MMA) superstardom under the Strikeforce banner, may want to leave his Olympic-caliber wrestling at the door. That would ordinarily spell doom for a mat technician, but "DC" also has quick hands and knockout power.

"Bigfoot" Silva can attest to that.

We're less than two weeks away from fight night, Maniacs, so let's start hearing some of those predictions. Anyone think Cormier is going home on crutches? Or will Mir be the latest high-profile heavyweight to succumb to the grand prix champ?

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