Wrestlemania 29 results: Brock Lesnar pinned by Triple H after steel step Pedigree

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, perhaps bigger than ever, returned to WrestleMania tonight. No holds barred, baby!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) action earlier tonight (April 7, 2013), taking on Triple H in a featured "No Holds Barred" match at WrestleMania 29.

Lesnar has not competed in a marquee match since he stopped Triple H via bone-breaking Kimura at SummerSlam 2012. In doing so, it appeared that "The Game" was forced into professional wrestling retirement; however he intervened earlier this year when Lesnar attempted to assault his real-life father-in-law, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

And the scrap ended in a bloody mess that required 18 staples to Lesnar's skull (see it here).

Their rematch this evening at WrestleMania 29, which took place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., included a loser leaves town match stipulation for Triple H, who had his best friend and former DX tag-team member, Shawn Michaels, in his corner. Remember that in addition to breaking Triple H's arm (twice), Lesnar also snapped Michaels' (watch it here) wing like a twig, too.

Lesnar and Triple H spent the earlier parts of their rematch outside the ring, swinging chairs, flying into the stands, crashing through the announcer table, throwing suplexes and ROARING. Triple H was beaten from pillar to post, while Michaels looked on in terror, Paul Heyman lost his marbles and the referee just stood around waiting to count someone out.

Triple H attempted to get back into it when the match reverted back to the ring, but Lesnar continued to roll, throwing him like a ragdoll across the canvas.

Lesnar hurled "The Game" over the ropes and appeared to be on his way to additional abuse. Michaels, however, distracted Lesnar and Triple H took advantage, which included getting in some licks with the steel chair. The action returned to the ring and Lesnar turned the tables, nearly securing an F-5 before Michaels intervened. He used it on Michaels instead and then eventually got Triple H with it as he attempted to blindside Lesnar with a sledgehammer.


The match ended up outside the ring once again soon after, at which point an enraged Lesnar smashed Triple H with the steel steps. He then proceeded to bring the steel steps into the ring and continue his barbaric assault. Triple H survived, while Lesnar screamed at him, pleading for him to retire.

Triple H went for a pedigree out of frustration and Lesnar reversed and locked up a kimura. Triple H was able to break the hold, but Lesnar ratcheted up the pressure by sitting on the top rope and securing a body lock with his legs. Triple H eventually picked up Lesnar and slammed him into the mat, freeing him to make a run once and for all. He worked over Lesnar's arm on the steel post, including whacking it with the steel chair.

Lesnar, writhing in pain, was then put in a kimura and nearly tapped as Heyman tried to come to the rescue, but was thwarted by a charging Michaels. Lesnar eventually made it to his feet and slammed Triple H onto the steel steps, three times, but on the third he DTD'd himself into near unconsciousness.

Triple H bolted for his trusty sledgehammer and drove the end into Lesnar's forehead. He then locked up Lesnar in his signature Pedigree move on the steel steps and nailed it, rolling on top of a lifeless Lesnar to get the three-count pin.

Since his WWE return, Lesnar has compiled a losing record (1-2), losing to John Cena and splitting a pair with Triple H, who lives to see another WWE day and, perhaps, a trilogy showdown with Lesnar in the future.

For complete WrestleMania 29 quick results of all the matches from MetLife Stadium tonight click here.

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