Current defending Champion checkin in motha fuckas. Man, that was a crazy fuckin event. All sorts of fucked up decisions and stoppages and wierdness in general. Cant really say I remember much, so I look forward to Unambigs re-cap. What I do remember is changin one pick after readin Nostradumbass. First and last time. Healy was the fight ffs. Anyway, quick roll call.

New members

Right, for the newbies this is how it works. I only mention 4 people in these reports. Those who finished in the top 3, and those who come last. Try not to be the latter.

Remember, the winner of the leaugue gets his name on a golden ticket!!


In order of performance, Big shout out to:


I dont need to say sorry to anyone, but I will. I'm sorry for not makin an end of season report last week. I was home in Ireland, and got fuckin wasted for a few days, so fuck doin any report. I'm mainly sorry because I actually denied myself the fuckin chance to gloat!!

Well this was the top 3 for the last event.

Well done to newbie Cambs. Oh and Paulnewman, lmao. More on you later eh.

1 92 Cambs1
2 85 paulnewman
3 78 wolfman13

This is how the season finished.

Well done to me, for gettin the fuckin GOLD!! Thorazine!! Where you at homie??? Look who's got the fuckin gold!!

Fair play to Fulch and Karp for takin silver and bronze.

Good job everyone, thank you.










4 549 wolfman13
5 529 scott1
6 525 IrishKev
7 524 T_BUCK7
8 472 the_rocketeer
9 470 TheNextDamnChamp
10 455 bezeau24
11 439 Raymondo
12 432 vhw
13 387 Scaly_Manphi
14 371 UKBlitzkrieg
15 329 PotOfGold
16 302 liverpoolsnxt
17 222 Aiden08
18 181 paulnewman
19 180 McRad
20 126 Plainview
21 116 PorkchopSandwich
22 113 diazsweedman
23 111 burlzilla129
24 109 megamike1989
25 92 Cambs1

Roll of Honour

Holy shit. I never realised til now, I never even won a single event. Let that be a lesson to ye cunts! Consistency win the race motha fuckas.

Look at Fulch. Also never realised til now, that fucker won 3 events. Shit man, unlucky.

Hall of Fame Event winners:

  1. Fulch
  2. Raymondo
  3. Wolfman13
  4. T.Buck7
  5. Fulch
  6. PotOfGold
  7. Fulch
  8. Karpentero
  9. Irish_Kev
  10. Cambs1

Hall of Shame

Yup, I wont let ye forget who came last and was known as the event's shit picker!!

  1. UkBlitzkrieg
  2. Tr8k
  3. VHW
  4. VHW
  5. Porkchopsandwich
  6. TheRocketeer
  7. Scali_Manphi
  8. Scali_Manphi
  9. UkBlitzkrieg
  10. Bez24

New season.

Lets get on with the results of the brand spanking new season!




Striaght out of the traps and off to a flying start is Bubbles 24. Now here a nice turn of fortunes, he was the shit picker last event, and now he's in third place. Nice turn around bud. Well played.

He takes bronze by scoring:

  • 75 points
  • Had 8/11 correct picks
  • 4 perfects ( Bisping, St. Preux, Nelson and Davis )
  • Scored 14 Hot points.


Well, it was a draw, so we have a tie for first place.




Has to be said, Karp's consistency is excellent. I'm actually quite surprised. It's a bit like my own consistency tbh. We have been having a bit of a running battle for what is now 3 seasons, and I respect that. He got into the semi's of the bracket tourny last season and unluckily finished 3rd in the league when pushing for the top spot.

So congrats man, very nice start!!

He took joint top spot by scoring:

  • 78 points
  • Had 9/11 correct picks
  • 4 perfects ( Bisping, St. Preux, Nelson and Davis )
  • Scored 14 Hot points.

Also sharing 1st place



That's right motha fucka's. Me. The defending Champion! I'm not givin up this title without a fight! Okay, so it's a joint 1st place and I'm only on top alphabetically, but it's a win and a fuckin great start to the defence of my title! I actually had the least amount of perfect picks in the top 3, but nailed the hot bout!

I took gold by scoring:

  • 78 points
  • Had 9/11 correct picks
  • 3 perfects ( Bisping, Nelson and Caraway )
  • 22 hot points. Sweet!!


This events shit picker award goes to none other than last weeks runner up.


Scored 31 points with only 5 correct picks.

Event Scores and current League standings:










4 72 Scaly_Manphi
5 69 IrishKev
5 69 wolfman13
7 66 vhw
7 66 TheMmaIndia
9 64 Plainview
10 63 TheNextDamnChamp
11 60 megamike1989
12 59 Cambs1
13 58 scott1
14 56 Raymondo
14 56 the_rocketeer
16 55 T_BUCK7
16 55 diazsweedman
18 51 fulch
19 45 anewbie
20 42 UKBlitzkrieg
20 42 Cedy027
22 38 PotOfGold




Thanks for all who participated and I hope ye all continue to do so for the whole season.

64 Man Bracket Tourny

Last nights event was the first of 2 qualifying rounds. The top 64 players from both pools after the next event will make it to the knock-out stages. If there is a tie for the 64th spot, the player who scored highest in last nights event goes through.

Good luck all.


Thats your lot you fuckin maggots, hit it up!!

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