Mania Money Pool Season 10 Event 1 Results: UFC 159 (Bones vs American Gangster)



Too easy. No surprises there. Should Johnny be proud of beating a middleweight who talked his way to this fight? Bones is the best 205er out there and he proved it tonight without breaking a sweat (toe notwithstanding). Bis proved that he only loses to guys on TRT and Roy Nelson, boy, that fatty boom boom has power. Everything delivered on this card-- upsets, technical decisons, eyepokes, nut shots, name it this card delivered -- even a Bruce Buffer boo boo. And you know what? Cody just beat Zombie Garcia via decision. Who expected that?

In our own Money Pool, Season 9 Champion Snake_Pliskan's momentum just got derailed but another newcomer to the camp -- TripPilch won this event and has announced his arrival to the pool ready to have his name etched to the most coveted Scottidog Shrive Award. Another newcomer -- 777 placed second and regular kimuraalloverurface placed third. It's still too early though to pronounce winners to this pool.

By the way, thanks to Joben's efforts this season has the largest number of players in the camp at 80. Only 67 picked but I hope everyone that picked will be able to pay so we will have the largest turnout. Don't be lazy Maniacs.

Let's head to the results:


205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen --Jones wins via TKO at 4:33 of round one
185 lbs.: Alan Belcher vs. Michael Bisping -- Bisping wins via unanimous technical decision (30-27x2, 29-28)
265 lbs.: Cheick Kongo vs. Roy Nelson -- Nelson wins via knockout (overhand right) at 2:02 of round one
205 lbs.: Phil Davis vs. Vinny Magalhaes -- Davis wins via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
155 lbs.: Pat Healy vs. Jim Miller -- Healy wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:02 of round three
205 lbs.: Ovince St. Preux vs. Gian Villante -- St. Preux wins via majority technical decision (30-29, 29-29, 30-28)
135 lbs.: Sheila Gaff vs. Sara McMann -- McMann wins via TKO (unanswered punches) at 4:06 of round one
155 lbs.: Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros -- Khabilov wins via TKO (thumb injury) at 2:32 of round one
135 lbs.: Johnny Bedford vs. Bryan Caraway -- Caraway wins via submission (guillotine) at 3:44 of round three
145 lbs.: Leonard Garcia vs. Cody McKenzie -- McKenzie wins via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)
170 lbs.: Nick Catone vs. James Head -- Canceled because of dehydration
145 lbs.: Kurt Holobaugh vs. Steven Siler -- Siler wins via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


  • SEPENOOB was the only one who picked Chael against the 65 people that picked Bones. Worse, he lived up to his username and picked a UD for the American gangster.
  • DILDON, SABUDHABISNDWICH, DLOCC, AUSSIE, and GOLDMOUTH picked Cheick Kongo. Unfortunately, having an Adonis physique doesn't translate to victory especially if your chin cannot hold up against power strikers.
  • SCARNON, MRBRUTALITY, FREENOW82, GURTHEE, WISETOAD, BIGGCASTLE, and WYLDEMAN99 picked Vinny counting on the fact that Vinny will either KO or sub Davis who isn't so wonderful with the law and his girlfriend nowadays.
  • DONNMCSLICK, 209STK, THATSTANKY, DRPOTATO623, and JORGEHERNANDEZ3 went against the majority and picked Bam Bam to win against Jimmy Miller. NOD made a good point that Healy might have been KOed in the last 5 seconds of the 1st round, rewatch it guys.Nevertheless Healy impressed in his debut sans the controversy.
  • 52 people (78%) picked Bis to be more talented than Belcher. As I have said, Bis only loses to guys on TRT and he schooled Allan Belcher last night. Heck, he even pulledout a page out of Jake Shields. Oops. I do hope Belcher is okay.
  • SEPENOOB, PABLOXL, THATSTANKY and SHIVAN TIGER picked Yancy and he disappointed them after injuring his thumb.
  • 55 people (85%) picked OSP to win against the wrestling of Villante. All I know is this event is mired by the eye poke and the result might be controversial.
  • DOCTORMMA must have thought that by picking Sheila, he is bringing to life the memories of his love for Adolf Hitler. Whatever his reason is, we are interested as he is the ONLY ONE to pick the German.
  • Oh My God, Cody McKenzie won not by a guillotine choke! God, what a disappointment Lenard Garcia is in this fight. Did he even train for Cody? DALESDEADBUG, 209KING, SCARNON, ROY1, THATSTANKY, OILCHECK, 777 and TRIPPILCH would be more than happy to take those points for Cody.
  • 44 people (68%) picked the Pit Fighter Siler against the Strikeforce import. Boy, this fight was a barn burner and was only decided in the 3rd round. This is one of those fights that you would want someone new to MMA should watch.
  • 39 people (60%) picked Belford to avoid the lightning subs of Brian Caraway. This is on Belford here. He is fighting a guy who had less than 1 week to train and prepare for him and Belford succumbed to the familiarity of being subbed.





  • Scored an event high 88 points
  • Went 9/11 correct picks
  • Perfect points for Nelson, Davis, OSP, Siler and Caraway
  • Good first event for a rookie to the pool
  • Guaranteed a slot for Season 11 with an event win worth $20
  • #13 out of 2130 in PG
  • Welcome to Mania and good job Pilch



  • Scored 87 points going 10/11 correct picks
  • Perfect scores for Bisping, Siler, Caraway and Davis
  • #17 out of 2130 in PG
  • Certainly not new to Mania but a rookie to the Mania Money Pool
  • Good job



  • Scored 84 points going 9/11 correct picks
  • Perfect picks for Nelson, Davis, Bisping, OSP, and Siler
  • #44 out of 2130 in PG
  • Good showing buddy



  • Scored a Mania1 camp event worst 31 points
  • Went 5/11 correct picks
  • What a bad juju for a first event Gurthee and you shared the juju to Snake. LOL
  • Next event make sure not to be the recipient of this award
  • Should receive a sig of shame from TripPilch
  • #1917 out of 2130 in PG


Camp Rank Points Player
1 88 TripPilch
2 87 777s
3 84 kimuralloverurface
4 82 SanabriaMan
4 82 JorgeHernandez3
4 82 DanielWorby
7 79 drpotato623
8 78 RedMan
9 76 swiftman
10 75 sklart
11 73 freenow82
11 73 thepride
11 73 Aussie
11 73 goldmouth
15 72 afrotikiman
15 72 Tap-or-snap-Bons
17 70 ViolentMike
17 70 Jonnyboy6969
17 70 OilCheck
17 70 MrBrutality
17 70 phinsallday
22 69 Deuce02
23 68 sarah-
23 68 DetroitDrew
23 68 Joben
23 68 ShivanTiger
27 67 thatstanky
27 67 roy1
29 66 scarnon
29 66 Jido7
31 65 bitemyjacket
31 65 DoctorMMA
33 64 kg12
33 64 Phasebook
35 63 ItalianStallion54
35 63 VicDundee
35 63 Sammy_Jankis
38 62 Christophecleus
38 62 jelly_belly
38 62 swedish_chef
41 61 209king
41 61 Donnmcslick
43 60 Rilly
44 59 donkeypunch81
44 59 wyldeman99
44 59 MMA_Boss
47 58 Dlocc
48 55 BNF
48 55 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
48 55 Snake_Pliskan
48 55 MixedMartialFarts
48 55 RGIII
53 54 SabuDhabiSandwich
54 53 bigGcastle
54 53 dildon
56 51 murph0706
56 51 DalesDeadBug
58 50 pabloXL
59 49 letstalkmma
59 49 sepenoob
61 47 209stk
62 46 Wisetoad
64 44 ricky-dooby
65 40 biggant
66 33 ohmamadoes
67 31 Gurthee

Have it your way Maniacs!

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