UFC 159 odds: Prop bets and lines for 'Jones vs. Sonnen' in Newark explained

Scott Cunningham

Not many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans expect the UFC 159 main event between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen to go to a five-round decision. But how much money would you make if you bet it did? That answer and more props, below.

The latest odds and betting lines for UFC 159: "Jones vs. Sonnen" were posted last night by our own Patty Stumberg, who did a good job of crunching the numbers for all the main card fighters, as well as those chaps getting their hands dirty in preliminary action.

See all the pluses and minuses right here.

With an event that has garnered as much attention as UFC 159, I understand how the standard underdog vs. favorite style of mixed martial arts (MMA) wagering may not cut the mustard for some of you hardcore bettors. That's why I've asked my compadres at Bovada to hook us up with the propositions for the UFC 159 headliner pitting Jon Jones (champion) against Chael Sonnen (challenger).

See the main event "prop" bets below.

Main Event:
UFC 159 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones -800 (1/8)
Chael Sonnen +500 (5/1)

Method of Victory (5 Rounds):
Jones wins inside distance: 1/4
Jones wins by 5 round decision: 9/2
Sonnen wins inside distance: 10/1
Sonnen wins by 5 round decision: 8/1
Draw: 66/1

Method of Victory:
Jones wins by decision or technical decision: 9/2
Jones wins by KO, TKO or DQ: 6/5
Jones wins by submission: 7/5
Sonnen wins by decision or technical decision: 8/1
Sonnen wins by KO, TKO or DQ: 16/1
Sonnen wins by submission: 18/1
Draw or Technical draw: 66/1

Round Betting (5 Rounds):
Jones in Round 1: 9/4
Jones in Round 2: 3/1
Jones in Round 3: 17/4
Jones in Round 4: 7/1
Jones in Round 5: 9/1
Jones on points: 9/2
Sonnen in Round 1: 33/1
Sonnen in Round 2: 33/1
Sonnen in Round 3: 33/1
Sonnen in Round 4: 40/1
Sonnen in Round 5: 40/1
Sonnen on points: 8/1
Draw: 66/1

Fight to complete 1 full round:
Yes (Fight completes 1 full round) -300 (1/3)
No (Fight does not complete 1 full round) +200 (2/1)

Fight to complete 2 full rounds:
Yes (Fight completes 2 full rounds) -130
No (Fight does not complete 2 full rounds) EVEN

Fight to complete 3 full rounds:
Yes (Fight completes 3 full rounds) +160 (8/5)
No (Fight does not complete 3 full rounds) -220 (5/11)

Fight to complete 4 full rounds:
Yes (Fight completes 4 full rounds) +225 (9/4)
No (Fight does not complete 4 full rounds) -340 (17/5)

Will the fight go the distance?
Yes (Fight goes the distance) +350 (7/2)
No (Fight does not go the distance) -625 (4/25)

Total Rounds:
Over Rounds O 1½ (-200) (1/2)
Under Rounds U 1½ (+140) (7/5)

Some tasty numbers there, Maniacs.

As always, wagering is only recommended when it's done for fun and shouldn't be employed as a way to make money. In addition, you should only bet what you can afford to lose. With that in mind, what proposition bet stands out to you here? Hell, I might throw a finsky on the draw at 66/1, just because.

Anyone else? See more UFC 159 odds and betting lines here.

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