Canelo vs Trout results, LIVE full fight Showtime online stream boxing coverage tonight

Buckle up, "El Canelo" and "No Doubt" will both be out to maintain perfection TONIGHT at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, when the undefeated Junior Middleweight boxing standouts collide for the 154-pound WBA and WBC belts. And is your home for up-to-the-minute coverage of the showdown between Saul Alvarez vs. Austin Trout tonight on Showtime.

In the agonizingly lame parlance of boxing, someone's "O" must go later tonight (April 20, 2013) at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

With yet another big-money boxing bout scuttled because of an upset, Mexican superstar Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will once again face the man responsible, unbeaten American standout Austin Trout, who defeated Puerto Rican legend -- and Alvarez target -- Miguel Cotto in Dec. 2012.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the bout, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 10 p.m. ET.

Alvarez, 22, is the WBC champion who was last seen in Sept. 2012, pulverizing Josesito Lopez, who, like Trout, had denied him a crack at a money-making name when he broke Victor Ortiz's jaw. The technical knockout win marked Alvarez's fourth finish in his last five fights.

Trout, meanwhile, is the owner of the WBA Junior Middleweight title, winning that vacant belt from the brother of "Canelo," Rigoberto Alvarez, which adds some intriguing bad blood to this prize fight.

The two-fight main card on Showtime will also feature a clash of undefeated prospects when Abner Cotto, cousin of the aforementioned Miguel, takes on knockout artist Omar Figueroa for the vacant WBC Silver Light Welterweight title.


154 lbs.: Saul Alvarez def. Austin Trout by unanimous decision (115-112, 116-111, 118-109)
140 lbs.: Omar Figueroa def. Abner Cotto by KO at 2:57 of Round One


Junior Middleweight: Saul Alvarez vs. Austin Trout

Round one: Trout on the balls of his feet and moving forward, Canelo flat-footed and circling. Jab exchange. Trout whipping out the jab, but falling short. He's keeping up the jab, punctuates it with a straight left to the body. Canelo pursues and lands a left to the body. Right downstairs. Jab from Canelo. Trout committed to his jab, now circling as Alvarez pursues. Alvarez overextends on a whiff and Trout lands two of three in a combo. 10-9 Trout.

Round two: Trout snaps Canelo's head back with a jab. Alvarez seems somewhat flustered as Trout continues flicking it out. Nice straight left, Canelo just misses with a winging right hook. Hook-uppercut combo lands for Canelo. Good jab from Canelo amidst shots from Trout. Right to the body and one upstairs from Alvarez. Uppercut to the body; Canelo responding well as Trout approaches. Good jab. Trout's jab remains effective. Closer round, narrow 10-9 for Alvarez. 19-19.

Round three: Trout with a trio of solid jabs. Good right hook from Austin. Another snapping jab. One lands, two doesn't. Trout lands a good one-two, Alvarez rushes in and lands a couple clubbing shots. Canelo one-two falls short. Canelo gets him to the ropes but can't capitalize. Trout doing excellent work with both hands this round. Trout's jab continues to score. Canelo jab lands, then a right downstairs. Clear Trout round, 29-28.

Round four: Canelo so far just has no answer for the jab. Canelo now jabbing himself to lesser effect. Both fall short with their power hands. Trout straight to the body. Trout lands a straight clean through Alvarez's glove, Canelo responds with a glancing uppercut. Alvarez with a right downstairs. Stiff jab by Alvarez gets Trout's attention, Austin connects with a straight of his own. Still Trout's fight so far, 39-37.

Round five: Solid jab from Canelo, Trout with about half a dozen more. Both men falling short for the most part. Trout to the body, 3-2 upstairs. Alvarez with a right downstairs and hook upstairs. Both men land straights. Good right hook from Trout as Canelo pursues. Canelo right downstairs met with a right hook. Canelo slips a combo with some flair. Trout thumps the body with his straight. Closer round, still Trout's in my book. 49-46 same.

Round six: Both men opening up more, though nothing dramatic yet. Trout with a right uppercut downstairs, Canelo doubles up the right to the head and lands a quality left hook. Canelo lands a left. Both throwing big shots and landing, but it looks like Canelo's getting the better of it at the moment. Left to the body from Trout. Another to the body and a third. Trout roughing up Canelo against the ropes, eats a winging right. Trout's body work is solid. Nice counter right from the Mexican fighter. Another left downstairs. BIG uppercut by Canelo at the end, but Trout eats it. 59-55 Trout.

Round seven: HUGE RIGHT STRAIGHT FROM CANELO DROPS TROUT! He's back up and seems steady. Trout with an overhand left after eating a right. Trout with a left-right and a stiff jab off a missed Canelo right. Good combo from Canelo. Good left. Right straight from Canelo. Uppercut hurts Trout and a right hand follows. Austin's tough as nails, though, and keeps firing back. Left hook from Trout. Right uppercut. Trout to the body. Thumping right hand downstairs courtesy of Canelo, Trout lands some good short shots. Canelo to the body, Trout responds in kind. Alvarez right hand lands. Both men land big hooks. 10-8 Alvarez, nearly 10-9. 67-65 Trout.

Round eight: Canelo looking for the big right straight, Trout continues with the jab. Big uppercut from Trout falls short. Canelo to the body. Austin with a straight to the gut and lands a solid straight. He's got Canelo's back to the ropes. Austin's jab continues to be his best weapon. Canelo simply too passive this round. 77-74 Trout.

Round nine: Trout left strays a bit low. Canelo lands with a good right straight, then a pair of uppercuts as he gets Trout against the ropes. Trout keeping his right hand in Alvarez's face at all times. Canelo with a winging overhand. Trout counter right hook lands flush. Uppercut-right hook sequence lands for Trout. Good combination from Trout, Alvarez comes back with a pair of solid right hands. Canelo with a straight. Trout thumps the body with the left once again. Alvarez with his hands at his waist and trying to bait Trout in. Good jab by Canelo. Great fight, 10-9, 87-83 Trout.

Round ten: Judges have it wide for Canelo. Bullshit; one has it a shutout for Canelo.

Alvarez uppercut. Trout lands a combo. Clubbing right hand by Alvarez as Trout moves in. Good straight shots from Trout. Left hook from Alvarez as Trout continues his steady stream of punches. Good uppercut from Alvarez. Right straight. Another. Trout with a wide left hand up top. Nice straight to the body from Trout. Some good work from Alvarez, but still Trout's round. Not that the judges give a shit. 97-92 Trout.

Round eleven: Canelo lands a good uppercut. Trout with a left downstairs. Good right hook from Trout as Alvarez approaches. Two-piece combo to the body from Canelo, then a right up top. Alvarez lands a winging right hand and eats a left up top. Good straight from Canelo. Stiff jabs from both men. Trout gets Canelo to the corner and roughs up the body. Canelo forces him to retreat with a big right. They swing and land big to end the round. One for Alvarez, methinks. 106-102 Trout.

Round twelve: Three-two lands for Canelo. Trout flurries, lands some glancing blows. Trout on the attack and digs to the body. Canelo to the head with a right. Glancing uppercut. Trout with a couple of solid lefts, Canelo with a right upstairs.Good one-two from Trout. Trout to the body and head with straights, Canelo with a short left hand. Alvarez retreating, lands a counter left as Trout approaches. Alvarez digs to the body and eats a clubbing left upstairs. Canelo lands a right, then a couple of one-twos. Trout pursuing to the end. Close round; 10-10 in my book, 116-112 Trout. I could see Canelo winning a close fight, but this judging is atrocious.

Final result: Alvarez def. Trout by decision


Junior Welterweight: Abner Cotto vs. Omar Figueroa

Round one: And now I remember why I despise Mauro Ranallo.

Anyway, we're off. Figueroa in pursuit, Cotto pecking away with his jab and hook. Omar to the body, Abner responds in kind. Good right over the top by Omar. Cotto pressing Omar into the ropes and digs to the body. Good right by Cotto as Omar switches southpaw. Clubbing right from Figueroa and they clinch. Cotto to the body, straight right over the top by Omar. Figueroa has him hurt with big hooks and walks Cotto down with big punches until he goes down. Cotto is back up and ties Omar up immediately. Figueroa in hot pursuit; Cotto connects with a left of his own. Figueroa will not be denied and he crumples Cotto with a body shot. Cotto won't beat the count. Another first-round KO for Figueroa.

Final result: Figueroa def. Cotto by KO


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