Boston Bombing Suspects Found; Crazy Night in Boston


Late last night, shots were fired at MIT. A MIT police office was killed from multiple gunshots.

What came after that was a scene from a movie. After a carjacking, police followed the culprits, resulting in a shootout. Explosions and gunshots were heard, and flashes of light could be seen from nearby neighborhoods. One suspect was shot down and arrested. He later died at a nearby hospital, not only from gunshots, but from one of their own explosives. The culprits used IEDs, small guns, possible assault weapons, and grenades. It is suspected that they had foreign military training. One suspect fled the scene. The victim of the carjacking made it out, but an officer was injured in the firefight.

The suspects have been named, Russian brothers, and they have lived in the United States for over a year. The suspect on the run is 19, the dead 26. Video evidence shows the brothers at the Boston marathon before the bombing, later dropping a backpack at the site of one explosion, and after the explosion, walking away calmly. An uncle has confirmed the identities.

Police have shut down a 20 block area while still searching for the suspect. SWAT teams are all over the place, still finding explosives and disarming them. The past few hours have been relatively slow, considering the events earlier. Businesses and stores are closed, and people are asked to stay in their homes. The streets are empty, other than press and police. The injured officer I mentioned earlier is in critical condition at the local hospital. News conference coming up...nothing new. Just a statement on what's going on, but instead of the local area being on lockdown, now its all of Boston. The name of the police officer shot was released, and he is now in surgery. He is 33, and has been a member of the police department for 3 years.

Ill take this pause in information to thank the BPD for their fine work through these events. They've been at this all night, and are completely focused on getting this guy.

A friend of the suspect is speaking. The older was supposedly a golden gloves boxer, but always reluctant to take it to the next level. The younger brother is a wrestler. He describes them as "normal american kids". The media cant seem to get a lock on the older brothers age, its went from 20 to 26, and now its being questioned again. Heavy police activity at the home of the suspect. A trigger is found inside, extreme caution. Someone seen running through yards, police surround the area with guns drawn. Police are finally to the point where the media needs to gtfo, and a helicopter is overhead. Armored truck pulls up, everyones guns are pointed at a single home. Spec ops truck riding in. State police, military police, SWAT, FBI, all on the scene. An operation seems to be underway, and it seems that information will be hard to come by until the current situation has been revolved.

The identity of the MIT officer has been released. 26 years old.

Well, as luck would have it, I had to work before this situation was resolved. He was found hiding in a boat on someones lawn, near where the shootout took place. He was taken alive, and is now in the custody of the United States government.

America, bitches.

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