Who Should Fight Who? TUF 17 Finale Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.

Faber should fight Pickett - Reason: Faber looked great, he dominated as I expected. Hes beaten Two Top 10 guys back to back since losing to Barao last year and hes ready for another title shot but with Barao set to fight Eddie Wineland and Cruz hoping to fight the Winner of that fight it doesn't look like Faber will get a title shot this year. However I do think that Faber could get the next title shot if Cruz isn't able to compete by lets say October. So lets assume Cruz gets the next crack at Barao because lets face it Wineland isn't beating Barao, if thats the case then Faber needs a fight, I'd love to see him fight Brad Pickett. I really want this fight to happen, I think it would be great. If the fight with Pickett doesn't happen then hopefully he fights The Winner of Barao vs Wineland, I don't want to see him fight Michael McDonald, I think that would be a good fight but Mayday is coming off a loss, its a risky fight for Faber whos trying to get another title shot and I don't want to see Mayday lose back to back fights, I think they should build him back up.

Jorgensen should fight Easton - Reason: Jorgensen fought his ass off but he came up short against Faber on Saturday. I'd like to see him fight Mike Easton next. They both just lost to Top 5 guys, I like this fight stylistically, it just makes sense to me. I think it would be great. Jorgensen could also fight Ivan Menjivar or Michael McDonald.

Gastelum should fight Andrews - Reason: Kelvin shocked the world and beat Uriah Hall who was hyped up to be a contender for the Title, Kelvin put an end to that. It was a close fight but Kelvin edged Uriah out, he showed what the most important skill to have in MMA is and thats Wrestling. I want to see Kelvin get built up slowly, I'd like to see him fight someone from his season of TUF Dylan Andrews. Andrews won on the same card, he looked great and I think hes one of the best guys to come off of TUF this season. It would be a great fight and a good fight for both guys. I hope they book that next. Gastelum could also fight Tom Lawlor or Stanislav Nedkov. Also if he does decide to drop down to WW I'd like to see him fight Ryan LaFlare or The Winner of Smith vs Whittaker.

Hall should fight Samman - Reason: He didn't live up to the hype but I'm sure he'll bounce back and impress us all in his next fight and I'd like for it to be against Josh Samman. Uriah didn't like Josh on the show and everybody wanted to see them fight but it never happened, now it should. It makes perfect sense and it would be a good one. I hope this fight happens. Hall could also fight Nick Ring or Luke Barnatt.

Zingano should fight Rousey - Reason: Well its going to happen. Zingano seemed to be getting wobbled by Tate's punches in that first round, she came back and won the second and then she kicked the shit out of Tate in that third round. I was very impressed, she really turned it on in that last round and Fucked Tate up. I'm very interested to see how she does against Rousey, I think she can beat her. If she can keep the fight standing she will whoop RR.

Tate should fight Carmouche - Reason: This fight makes a lot of sense, they both are coming off a loss and they're ranked close together. I think this fight will happen next, I think it should happen next and I'm sure it'll be great.

Browne should fight The Winner of Nelson vs Kongo - Reason: Browne looked good, he shut Gonzaga off in about 70 seconds thats a good night. Now there was a controversy with the elbows that Browne smashed Gonzaga with, some of them were to the back of the head but I don't think the result will be overturned. Even if they do take the W away from him he still won in my eyes. I expect him to get The Winner of Nelson vs Kongo next and I think thats right. That fight makes sense, I'm thinking Nelson will beat Kongo and then he'll fight Browne. That fight would be great, I really hope that happens next. Browne could also fight Todd Duffee or Alistair Overeem.

Gonzaga should fight Struve- Reason: Gonzaga had the right gameplan in his fight with Browne, he was going for a takedown right away but he didn't expect to get blasted by a dozen elbows. He lost but he'll be back, I'd like to see him fight another guy who just got knocked out Stefan Struve. Both are very good on the ground, this would be a fun fight. I hope that fight happens next, I know Struve is on the shelf for a little bit with his broken jaw but this fight could happen by October. Gonzaga could also fight The Loser of Nelson vs Kongo or Matt Mitrione.

McDaniel should fight Hart - Reason: Bubba looked good in his fight with Gilbert Smith but he didn't look great so I expect him to fight someone who was on this Season of TUF with him and I think it should be Collin Hart. Now I know Colin lost his fight against Luke Barnatt but I thought it was a very close fight and I wouldn't have complained if he got the decision, I think Hart is a better fighter than McDaniel and thats why I want to see this fight happen next. I think it makes sense and I hope it happens. McDaniel could also fight Tor Troeng or Nick Ring.

Smith should fight Casey - Reason: Smith lost his fight and he seems like a mediocre fighter, he might get cut but if he doesn't I'd like to see him fight Kevin Casey. They were on the show together, they're both pretty bad so lets see them fight. I like it, it makes sense, book it. Smith could also fight Collin Hart or Jimmy Quinlan.

Samman should fight Hall - Reason: Samman looked good, he got caught in a Triangle and armbar right off the bat but he got out of it, it was pretty impressive. He beat Casey up pretty bad, he was hammering him with knees and once Casey gassed he was done for. Josh is a good fighter but I don't know how good he is I guess we'll find out soon. He and Hall were supposed to be the two best guys in the house but they never got to fight so now I think its the perfect time. I hope this fight happens, anyone who watched this season of TUF wants this fight to happen so I hope it gets booked. Samman could also fight Luke Barnatt or Clint Hester.

Casey should fight Smith - Reason: He almost won the fight early in the fight, he had a triangle all locked up then he switched to an armbar and pretty much had that but he lost and he lost the fight, after he lost the submission it was all downhill from there. He has a very shitty gas tank but hes strong and has some good ground skills so I'd like to see him get one more fight in the UFC, one more chance and I'd like to see it be against Gilbert Smith. It makes sense and it should happen. Casey could also fight Jimmy Quinlan or Bristol Marunde.

Barnatt should fight Hester - Reason: Barnatt looked very good, his TDD was great and he was sticking that Jab in Hart's face it was a nice win. I'd like to see him fight Clint Hester. I like both guys, they're both very tough and talented fighters I think this would be a great fight. I hope it happens. Barnatt could also fight Josh Samman or Uriah Hall.

Hart should fight McDaniel - Reason: I think he looked really good in his fight with Barnatt, he lost but his stand up looked a lot better than expected and it was just a great fight. I'd like to see him fight Bubba McDaniel next. I think it would be great fight I like it a lot. Hart could also fight Gilbert Smith or Kevin Casey.

Andrews should fight Gastelum - Reason: Andrews looked great in his fight with Quinlan, he hurt him bad with a right hand and poured it on until the ref stopped it, He is definitely talented and one of the best guys from the show and I'd like to see him fight the Winner Kelvin Gastelum. It would be a great one and I hope it happens. Andrews could also fight Tor Troeng or Clint Hester.

Quinlan should fight Cella - Reason: Quinlan might get cut, he looked bad in his loss on TUF and now in the Finale, it doesn't look good for him. He is a great grappler and if he isn't cut I'd like to see him fight someone who isn't great on the ground because frankly I feel a little bad for him and if they do keep him around I have a feeling his next fight won't be against a killer. So I'd like to see him fight Adam Cella. Cella should drop down to WW but if hes going to continue fighting at MW and hes still with the UFC I hope his next fight against Jimmy Quinlan. I think this is a good fight, it makes sense I hope it happens. Quinlan could also fight Gilbert Smith or Kevin Casey.

Hester should fight Barnatt - Reason: Hester looked good, he was smashing Marunde up the entire fight, I'd like to see him fight Luke Barnatt. I think that would be fireworks, I'd be very excited to see that fight get booked. I hope it happens. Hester could also fight Dylan Andrews or Josh Samman.

Marunde should fight Roberts - Reason: Marunde should get cut, he looked terrible, hes not good enough to be in the UFC that doesn't mean that he'll get cut but I have a feeling he will. If he doesn't I'd like to see him fight Buddy Roberts. It makes sense and I think it should happen. Marunde could also fight Gilbert Smith or Kevin Casey.

Miller should fight Garza - Reason: Miller looked good, I've always liked him but hes not very good when he can't get the fight to the ground. Hes great on the ground, his win against Palaszewski probably saved him from being cut. I hope he gets someone whos on his level like Pablo Garza next. That would be a good fight and it would be a winnable fight for both guys, I like it a lot and I hope it happens. Miller could also fight Jimy Hettes or Daniel Pineda.

Palaszewski should fight Peralta - Reason: Palaszewski is a good fighter, hes a great striker but when you take him down hes fucking clueless. He should have won that fight against Miller, he was winning it but then he ended up on the ground with him and in no time he was tapping out. I hope he doesn't get cut but he definitely could and it would be completely understandable but if he does stay on the roster I'd like to see him fight Robbie Peralta. Peralta also just lost a fight that he should have won, I think this would be a fun fight and I'd like to see it happen. Palaszewski could also fight Justin Lawrence or Sam Sicilia.

Blanco should fight Corassani - Reason: Like I wrote in my last Post I wanted to see Corassani fight someone who could knock his head off like Maximo Blanco and I still want that. Blanco won his fight against Sam Sicilia, it was a great fight but it should have been a Draw, Kim Winslow didn't take a point away after several Warnings to let go of the Fence, Blanco did not so she should have taken a point but Blanco won and he needs an opponent, I'd like it to be Akira Corassani. That fight makes sense to me and I'd love to watch Blanco smash Akira to bits. Blanco could also fight Cole Miller or Daniel Pineda.

Sicilia should fight Grice - Reason: Sicilia fought like he always does, he was throwing haymakers for the entire 15 minutes. It was a great fight it should have been a Draw but he lost and I'd like to see him fight Matt Grice next. Both are exciting guys and I think it would be a great fight. It makes sense and I hope it happens next. Sicilia could also fight Bart Palaszewski or Justin Lawrence.

Pineda should fight Phan - Reason: Pineda looked great but he subbed a guy who sucks on the ground so I don't want to see him fight some beast next, I'd like to see him fight Nam Phan. I think it would be a good fight, it makes sense and its definitely a winnable one. I hope it happens. Pineda could also fight Andy Ogle or Cole Miller.

Lawrence should fight Young - Reason: I don't know what to say about Lawrence, he looked really bad in his fight, he lost in like 90 seconds. Hes probably going to get cut but if he doesn't I'd like to see him fight Jason Young. I think it would be good, that fight makes sense. Lawrence could also fight Bart Palaszewski or Sam Sicilia.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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