The Pound for Pound Dead Horse


Yes Maniacs it's that time of the month. No, I'm not talking about Luke Thomas showing his cumglazed beard around these parts.


I'm talking about the endless "p4p" debate.

If someone were to ask me, "Dr. Plainview. His Holiness of MMA. What does your Pound for Pound list look like?", I would list it as follows:

  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Jon Jones
  3. Cain Velasquez
  4. Jose Aldo
  5. Georges St. Pierre
  6. Renan Barao
  7. Benson Henderson
  8. Daniel Cormier
  9. Lyoto Machida
  10. Junior dos Santos

"But Mr. Plainview, how can you not have Dominick Cruz or Mighty Mouse on your list? They are both UFC champions."
Because fuck you, that's why. Do you honestly think that if they fought any champion besides themselves, that they would even survive? Of course not. Neither one of them have any great skill besides "footwork".

Anyway, back to the point...What does P4P mean? Does it mean that if all of these fighters were the same size, they would be matched skill for skill and would beat the person(s) they are above? If so, does that mean that things like height and reach are no longer a factor? If that is the case, then Jon Jones wouldn't even be in the top 7. However, you cannot take away his height and reach because they are just as an important part of his skill set as his speed or strength. However, Imagine a 6'4, 210 pound Jose Aldo. His skills would far surpass Jon's if they were the same size.


In conclusion, what do you, as the thoughtful, important, genius maniacs that you are, believe constitutes a P4P list, and who do you have in your Top 10?
Also, feel free to tell me to go fuck myself.


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